Sports Nutrition

Introduction. If youre a serious sportsperson, regardless of your sport, having a fit and healthy body will essential to your success in that sport, be it as amateur or professional performer. One aspect of having that fit and healthy body is developing your body frame through bodybuilding techniques, which might also include using body building [...]

Diabetes Nerve Damage

Introduction. A long term complication associated with diabetes is nerve damage. Correctly known as diabetic neuropathy it causes the progressive loss of feeling and pain in the limbs of diabetics. It is believed that this nervous condition brought on by diabetes is due to free radicals damaging the nerve cells, which in turn arises due [...]

Keep Your Circulation Going

The signs of poor blood circulation.

Introduction. No sooner does summer seem to be over than we start thinking about preparing ourselves for the colder weather to come. Never mind enjoying the Fall for all those glorious colors, its straight in to worrying about how to keep your circulation going – especially if you live in a northern state and snowfalls [...]

Look After Your Liver


Introduction. Youve only got one liver so its well worth spending a little time and money on looking after it. To look after your liver is really quite easy all you have to do is eat a well balanced diet, keeping fatty foods to a minimum, and to only drink alcohol in moderation. If, either [...]

Sunscreen And Vitamins

Introduction. Any one in their right minds these days will not be going out when the sun is shining strongly without a good layer of protection from one of the better sunscreen products. Sales of which recently have been at unprecedented levels following the searing heat levels and scorching conditions weve recently experienced in the [...]

Are You Getting Enough

Are you getting enough?

Introduction. Taking vitamins and health supplements is all well and good – but are you getting enough? Just taking a vitamin supplement of health product without knowing the dosage that youre consuming isnt really much of a help to your overall health. Its not even a case of not getting enough of a vitamin or [...]

Supplements For Fitness

Introduction. Not long now to the summer vacations and yet there is still just enough time if you really work at it to get yourself feeling and looking fitter for being on the beach or by the hotel pool. For many of us a part of getting fit is to adopt a new diet regime [...]

Rubbish About Junk Food

Introduction. Here at Vitamins and Supplements were all for bringing you the latest news to do with vitamins and health supplements – but do you believe this rubbish about junk food? Apparently research coming out of a Taiwanese university claims that people who take vitamin supplements are more likely to gorge themselves on fast-food than [...]

Weight Gain Supplements

Want to get ready for Venice Beach this summer?

Introduction. Weight gain supplements mainly come in the form of a powder, in various flavors, that can be mixed with either water or milk to make a shake. Whilst many body builders will use weight gain supplements they can also be useful for anyone who is naturally thin and wishing to bulk out a little [...]

Supplement Sense

Introduction. Every now and then you can read in the press about dangers associated with taking health and vitamin supplements. Whilst such reports may well raise legitimate concerns regarding the over use of supplements by and large for the many millions of people who take vitamin or health supplements, they do so in a [...]