Confusing articles about Vitamins and Supplements on the internet

Should you be taking vitamin and mineral supplements?

At face value the headline for an article I read this week stating that Massive study casts doubt on health benefits of multivitamins, has the inference that youre wasting your time taking vitamin supplements. However, if you read the whole article you can become quite confused as to whether or not it is supporting [...]

Asthma and Vitamin Deficiencies

A review of 40 studies in the international journal of respiratory medicine Thorax has shown greater risks associated with asthma for those with vitamin A, C and D deficiencies; where even a deficiency of any one of those vitamins could lead to an increased risk of both contracting asthma as well as increased [...]

Coenzyme Q10 supplements and Statins

The need for people taking Statins to also have a coenzyme Q10 supplement was highlighted today by Dr Mark Porter, writing in The Times of London (April 11th). What do Statins do? Statins are increasingly being prescribed to lower the levels of cholesterol; and subsequently reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness by reducing fatty deposits [...]

The importance of Vitamin D for healthy bones.

A comparison of normal and diseased bones due to vitamin D deficiency

A recent review of previous studies in Switzerland has again highlighted the importance of taking a vitamin D supplement, with the recommendation  to add 400 IUs (International Units) a day to your diet. University Hospital, Zurich, have particularly stressed the importance of taking this supplement to women entering the menopause and everyone over the age [...]