Avoiding Surgery to Deal With Gallstones

This is fairly typical of the number and size of gallstones people can suffer from.

Introduction. For many sufferers of Gallstones avoiding surgery to deal with them is a distinct possibility. Although around one in seven people can suffer from Gallstones that does not mean that one in seven people will need surgery to either treat or remove them. Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder when the constituents that form [...]

Look After your immune System to Stay Fit and Healthy

If you have a fit and healthy body, chances are youll also have a fit and healthy immune system.

Introduction. Your bodys immune system is quite simply responsible for fighting off any viruses or bacterial infections that try to invade the cells of your body. These natural defenses we have are referred to as innate immunities, because they are non-specific and instinctively quick acting, being quite natural to us. We also have what is [...]

A Hot 100 of Vitamin D Articles

You need to be very careful sun bathing or using sun beds to top up your vitamin D

Introduction. As we all know the internet is full of all sorts of information that is just so easy to access, which must surely mean that getting the vitamin D big picture is an easy thing to do. However, as some of us also know, although that the information on vitamin D might be easy [...]

Supplements Cancer Treatment Warning

Introduction. With so many health and vitamin supplements so easily available over the internet, it has really only been a question of time before the potential dangers of taking some supplements whilst at the same time being treated for serious illnesses, like cancers, was highlighted. Recently doctors from St Lukes Roosevelt hospital and the Mailman [...]

Taking Vitamin Pills and Mad Cow Disease

Introduction. Whilst I love conspiracy theories on the internet, theyre such good gossip when having a drink with friends, the one Ive just read trying to make a link between taking vitamin pills and mad cow disease on the internet is really quite hilarious. The article was from a blog written by someone trying [...]