Stings and Bites

Introduction Whether youre in your own garden, having a picnic on the beach or out walking in the countryside theres no escaping from insect stings and bites. Even the approaching end to the summer months doesnt afford any protection from the little pests, but fortunately there are some natural remedies to them that will save [...]

Taking Acai Berries

To get the full benefits of eating acai berries, you need to eat them freshly picked.

Introduction. Ever since Crosby, Still and Nash sang about them some forty years ago, taking acai berries as a health supplement has been one of the things to do. Acai berries can be far more beneficial than just giving a boost to your vitamin C; they contain plant stanols that can be used as a [...]

Boosting Body Defenses

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium - excellent for your defense system.

Introduction. What with risk of the usual illnesses and colds, not to mention swine flu, likely to lay you low at any time boosting your bodies defense system could be just the thing to keep you healthy. Your body has a wonderfully complex mixture of cells and proteins that work to defend you against [...]