Healthy Algae

Introduction. Across the world, cultures that developed by the coast have incorporated various fruits of the sea, apart from fish, into their diets and utilizing healthy algae is one such example. Whilst the historical knowledge of using algae is not quite entirely lost to western cultures, recent decades have seen an almost denial of the [...]

Supplements Battle Dementia

Introduction. Forgetting the odd thing is not a sign of dementia or Alzheimers; however, at what point does forgetting the odd thing turn into a more regular occurrence sufficient to worry us that dementia may be just around the corner? Of course dementia is a medical condition requiring medical diagnosis, but it is also [...]

Healthy Sweeteners

Honey - an an ideal and natural sweetener to use.

Introduction. Recent reports have been warning us about the dangers of artificial sweeteners not being that much of a healthy option to using sugar itself. Apparently they can cause us to absorb more calories than sugar; so exactly what might the healthy options to using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners be? Use honey instead.  Im [...]

Battling Diabetes

Type 1 diabetics will require insulin injections.

Introduction. It is a fact that around 1 in 12 Americans have been diagnosed as having a form of diabetes, with an unknown number of people potentially walking around at risk of becoming diabetic. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles making it all too easy to eat all the wrong foods, drink more alcohol than we should [...]