Granny Takes A Trip

I think these Grannies need to take a trip to the gym!

Introduction. As the 60s generation hit their 60s comes the news that the idea of Granny taking a trip might not just be restricted to a once popular brand of clothing. Apparently taking acid is rapidly becoming one of the quirkier health supplements for a range of ailments and illnesses, following a resurgence of [...]

Quack Swine Flue Cures

Introduction. Not too surprisingly, and not before time, comes the news this week that the US FDA is cracking down on quack swine flu cures. With the bad weather approaching and the number of reported cases of the H1N1 flu virus bound to rise more and more people are looking on the internet for [...]

Anti-Ageing Prize

Introduction. It might sound odd getting a prize for ageing but that is just what three American based scientists have done in winning the prestigious Nobel Prize for Medicine, following their ground-breaking work in enzymes. A major breakthrough in anti-ageing. The reason for them being given the award was for their work in identifying telomerase, [...]

The Great Vitamin Debate

Introduction. Here at vitaminsandsupplements were all for engaging in the latest discussions on vitamins and health supplements, even if when those discussions try to cast the vitamin and health supplement industry in a bad light. In recent weeks in both printed media and on the internet there has been a lot said about the efficacy [...]