Christmas Travel Sickness

Quercetin, a natural health supplement with anti-histamine properties.

Introduction. Christmas comes but once a year, as the childrens saying goes, but the levels of excitement that they can whip themselves up into seems to be enough to last the whole year. As if thats not enough in itself to make some kids ill, the long distance drives to visit family and friends for [...]

Menopause Vitamin Supplements

Is this how you feel in the menopause?

Introduction. There comes in time in a womans life when she will enter the menopause, which can have varying affects from evening time hot flushes to an increase in body weight, depression and even to osteoporosis a decrease in bone density. In recent years hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been able to counter the [...]

Pre-Christmas Stress

De-stress yourself this Christmas with these simple tips.

Introduction. As the saying goes Christmas comes but once a year, but the stress during the build up to it can take months to get over. Whether its getting all the presents, buying and preparing food, meeting those relations or friends youd really rather not know; the pre-Christmas period can seem anything but the still [...]