Fed up with people telling you that you look pale? Fed up with feeling tired and weak? If youre constantly tired, weak or lacking energy and cant seem to get any color into your cheeks – you could well be suffering from anemia. Anemia is often the result of a lack of iron in the blood. However, it can be a symptom of other illnesses and, if you suspect anemia – do have a blood test and see what your physician says. Otherwise, what vitamins or health supplements can you take to help you to recover from anemia?

No color – you could be anaemic

What is anemia?

People become anemic, suffer from anemia, due to there being a shortage of healthy red blood cells in their blood or through there simply being a lack of hemoglobin in their red blood cells. If you have a lack of hemoglobin – that probably at least will explain why you lack energy and feel tired as it is hemoglobin that carries oxygen in your red blood cells. So, if theres not enough oxygen in your blood, all of your other body cells and organs become deprived of the right amount of oxygen, resulting in them not being able to work efficiently and you feeling tired. Suffering long term from anemia can be life threatening, so if you dont respond to any self-treatments for anemia, do consult with your physician as soon as possible.

Lacking energy and pale – could be anaemia

What causes anemia?

Your body is constantly producing hemoglobin meaning that anyone not suffering from anemia will not look pale, feel tired etc. Even in anemia sufferers the hemoglobin is still being produced, but unfortunately in them something is causing a blood loss, resulting in an overall deficiency of hemoglobin in their bodys. To compensate for this the body tries to create more hemoglobin, however and unfortunately, as iron is a constituent of hemoglobin the body depletes its reserves of iron – resulting in hemoglobin levels falling further. This cycle will continue until the anemia sufferer realizes something is wrong and seeks treatment for it. The blood losses that can cause anemia to set in can include things like dysmenorrhea and hemorrhoids, stomach bleeding due to excessive use of aspirin or NSIADS – through to more serious conditions such as cancers and kidney failure. There is a form of anemia call pernicious anemia, which is simply due to a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid. Another form of anemia is the hereditary one known as Sickle Cell Anemia, which is most common in Tropical and Sub-Tropical communities. Finally, pregnant or nursing mothers can also be susceptible to anemia, given the natural drain on their body chemistry if they dont eat a well balanced diet.

Healthy red bllod cells are essential in fighting anaemia

Healthy red bllod cells are essential in fighting anaemia

Supplements for anemia

As some causes of anemia can have serious conditions associated with them, please do consult with your physician if you think you have anemia Having said that, the following health and vitamin supplements can be effective in curing less serious cases of anemia As iron is so important to the production of hemoglobin and the transport of oxygen around your body in the red blood cells – an iron mineral supplement is one thing to try. Taking up to 17mg of iron a day, with meals, can safely be done without a doctors prescription. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb the iron so also take the following vitamin supplements vitamin C (500mg a day) and folic acid with vitamin B12, take 1000mcg of vitamin B12 and 400mcg of folic acid twice a day placing them under your tongue – but together, at the same time. However, do not take this combination for more than one month. If after that youre still anemic your doctor might give you vitamin B12 injections instead. The folic acid and vitamin B12 enhance the production of red blood cells and echinacea is a well known health supplement capable of regenerating red blood cells. A 200mg extract of echinacea twice a day will be another useful health supplement to try. If you fancy a herbal approach to curing your anemia, try a nettle tea drink, 200mg of nettle leaf extract in hot water twice a day. Nettle, like dandelion, burdock and red clover may have some ability in helping the body to assimilate iron from our diets.

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