Health Supplements for Cats

One way or another, human beings have been looking after domesticated cats as pets for some 5000 years, which has always included ensuring they get all the cat supplements necessary to keep them in good health. As we all know cats can be the most contrary of pets, one moment ignoring us the next being contended to be with us. However, regardless of our cats personality we all want to keep them in good health. So the following are some tips on cat supplements that can help.

Cats and their diet.

Does your cat need vitamin and health supplememts in their diet?

If a cat is regularly eating a well balanced diet then chances are it will be getting all the vitamins and supplements it needs. However, cats can be very fussy regarding what they eat and despite your best efforts will thwart your every attempt to feed them. If this situation continues, having tried several different types of food and food preparations, to keep your cat healthy might require a supplement or two. Most likely this means buying a general feed supplement for cats that contains all the vitamins and minerals that they should be getting through their normal diet. The same as for humans, giving your cat a low dose vitamin and mineral supplement wont do any harm even if they are already getting their daily requirements elsewhere. However, do take care not to increase their intake too much, as high levels of some supplements could be counter-productive.

Maintaining healthy cat fur.

If your cats fur isnt looking too healthy at the moment then it could be due to an essential fatty acid deficiency. The quickest way to treat this problem is to add a fish oil supplement, rich in vitamin E, to your cats diet. A good fish oil supplement will also help to protect your cat from cardiovascular and degenerative eye diseases, both of which can affects cats as they grow older.

Stiff joints in cats.

Keep your cat active and free from stiff joints witha health supplement.

As your cat ages you will notice it beginning to move more slowly and awkwardly, pretty well like many humans do. Stiff joints in a cat are almost to be expected; however, by giving your cat a supplement specially formulated to counter stiff joints in cats you can at least help to prevent there premature onset. Packed full of naturally occurring substances it will help to repair damage to cartilages, tendons and skeletal joints; also ensuring the synovial fluid is performing as well as it can. The anti-inflammatory nature of a stiff joint supplement will improve your cats general movement, flexibility and quality of life. Dependant on the preparation you buy as little as one or two teaspoons of the supplement need mixing with your cats daily meal that you provide; he or she wont even notice that theyre taking this beneficial supplement. Significant active ingredients in this will include anti-oxidants, collagen and vitamin C.

Veterinary advice and cat supplements.

Although visiting the vet can be expensive, if any condition for which you are giving your cat an extra supplement doesnt show signs of improvement you should seek their professional advice.

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