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It might sound odd getting a prize for ageing but that is just what three American based scientists have done in winning the prestigious Nobel Prize for Medicine, following their ground-breaking work in enzymes.

A major breakthrough in anti-ageing.

The reason for them being given the award was for their work in identifying telomerase, an important enzyme that can renew the ends of chromosomes, preventing them from fraying. The fraying process of chromosomes is known to be a factor in both ageing and the development of cancer cells which is what makes their research and discovery so important. Whilst telomeres themselves have been known about for decades and although still some years away, scientists are now able to start working on formulations that can boost the action of telomerase to prevent or slow down the fraying process and subsequently the bodies ageing processes.

Staying healthy and young at heart.

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

In the meantime what can you do to stay healthy and keep young at heart. Well the first thing is to keep a positive attitude in your mind we are all only as old as we think we are, so grow old disgracefully if you feel like it! Whilst we cant alter our mortality we can all take good care of ourselves by eating healthily and exercising regularly. Apart form that there are some health supplements to be recommended. One vitamin in particular is known to help slow down the ageing process and that is vitamin E. Making sure you take a vitamin E supplement to get your recommended daily allowance is known to help stave off heart diseases, according to a study from the National Institute for Ageing. Both green tea extract and grape seed extract are prized as anti-ageing health supplements, being full of antioxidants they can deal with free radicals in our bodies that can kill off cells if not dealt with. Finally, taking a folic acid supplement is also a good idea as it promotes the healthy functioning of the nerves and helps keep the old grey cells on top form.

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