Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Heaven knows there are enough reasons these days to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Theres a common misconception that only timid people will suffer from anxiety and panic attacks when in reality they can strike down anyone and at anytime. If you are of a nervous disposition then chances are you will be more likely to succumb to anxiety and panic attacks concerning your work and personal life; however, successful business people can suddenly find themselves incapable of making decisions, actors becoming unable to take to the stage or sports stars refusing to compete – all due to anxiety and panic attacks. There are, of course, some health supplements and vitamins that you can take to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and the resultant panic attacks. However, before proceeding we must tell you that – if you are currently under medical or psychiatric supervision, continue with your current medication and consult with your doctor(s) before trying any on the following ideas. Also, it is possible that your anxiety and panic attacks are caused by an underlying illness which must not be ignored. So do be prepared to visit your physician if your symptoms persist.

Feeling anxious is fine – so long as you can control it.

What is anxiety?

If ever I hear a dog barking, particularly a dog barking at me and in close proximity to me – I can become anxious. Thats not of itself a bad thing. Being anxious is simply a way of telling yourself to be careful or wary of something and results in your brain releasing the hormones youll need for your body to react to any real/inherent danger. This usually means well start to breath more deeply, ensuring a plentiful supply of oxygen in our lungs, our muscles tense preparing us for action and our blood will clot more easily to reduce blood loss if injured. All of those things happen automatically and, by and large we might not even be aware that theyre happening. So, for example, having feelings of anxiety when walking down a dark street isnt necessarily a bad thing. However, if it gets so bad that you cant bring yourself to walk down any dark street or go out after sunset – then that could well mean that youre becoming acutely or even chronically anxious and are suffering from a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

If you feel unable to act due to anxiety you could have a GAD – Genralized Anxiety Disorder

If you feel unable to act due to anxiety you could have a GAD – Genralized Anxiety Disorder

Results of anxiety.

Acute anxiety is when, confronted by the cause of your anxiety, you feel yourself to be in extreme fear of something which is typified by your breathing and heartbeat rates increasing, having a dry mouth, possibly feeling dizzy and having hot flushes or feelings of cold or excessive perspiration. Those suffering from chronic anxiety will also find that even when not confronted with the cause of the anxiety they feel tense, have headaches and/or back pain, they invariably find it difficult to relax, have depression, insomnia and a poor sex drive. These physical symptoms linked to a sense of foreboding are referred to as a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. However, to have a panic attack you dont need to have a GAD. Indeed panic attacks will more usually occur quite unexpectedly and can be some extreme and violent as to be confused with heart attacks. Continued anxiety of any degree is not medically good for you,a s it can lead to exhaustion, headaches, high blood pressure, stomach problems and difficulty in concentrating on your work. So, before looking at vitamin and health supplements for anxiety – what might cause the anxiety in the first place.

High blood pressure – the silent killer – can be both a result and symptom of anxiety.

Causes of anxiety.

Whilst there are undoubtedly those people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks for no apparent reason – there are thought to be three main causes of anxiety and panic attacks. Firstly some people take longer than others to overcome a particularly stressful event in their lives, such as an accident, bereavement or divorce etc – which triggers in them their feelings of anxiety. Others can have feelings of anxiety induced in them due to a biochemical imbalance in their bodies if they have high levels of lactic acid in their blood due to muscle tissue metabolizing sugars without sufficient oxygen being available. Finally, excessive anxiety and panic attacks can be the result of too much stress hormones being released into the body by the brain and adrenal glands. Whatever the cause of the anxiety in you – it is a very real effect that you need to try and bring under control. So, presuming youre not on any other medication – heres what we suggest you try.

Anxiety can have many causes.

Anxiety can have many causes.

Vitamin and health supplements for anxiety.

Our first suggestion here is to try a combination of a vitamin supplement with two mineral supplements. The vitamin B complex along with the minerals calcium and magnesium are known to be helpful in maintaining a healthy nervous system and the production of neurotransmitters – the key chemical messengers from the brain. Take 500mg of Calcium and 200mg of Magnesium twice a day with food. For the vitamin B complex, take one capsule or tablet of the B-50 complex with your breakfast. This should contain 50mcg of the B12 vitamin, 400mcg of folic acid and 50mg of the other B complex vitamins. Valerain is a well established health supplement that will help you to sleep and keep you calm during the day. Look for standardized Valerain and take 250mg, once in the morning and again last thing at night. More often associated with depression, St Johns Wort used in conjunction with Valerain, could also be of help. Use a standardized dosage with 0.3% hypericin, taking 300mg three times in a day.

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