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Taking vitamins and health supplements is all well and good – but are you getting enough? Just taking a vitamin supplement of health product without knowing the dosage that youre consuming isnt really much of a help to your overall health. Its not even a case of not getting enough of a vitamin or health supplement as, for some supplements, getting too much of them could actually not be of benefit to you. So, how can you tell if your are getting both enough and the correct amounts of health and vitamin supplements?

DRI – not dry mis-spelt.

The key to knowing if youre getting enough vitamins and health supplements is to understand the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) system, which has been in use since 1997. Unfortunately the DRI system is not just one set of figures but is itself made up from four other sets of standards known respectively as: EAR – Estimated Average Requirements, RDA – Recommended Dietary Allowance, AI – Adequate Intake, which today is taken to be the same as the RDA and UL – which actually stands for Tolerable Upper Intake Levels. In short the EAR is the average amount as required by 50% of the population and the UL is the highest dosage of a supplement that it is recommended not to exceeded. RDA itself deserves a little more explanation.

RDA and RDV.

Are you getting enough?

Are you getting enough?

The major significance of RDA is that it is the value used to determine the RDV Recommended Daily Value() for supplements, which is the information printed on the labels and packaging on food in the USA and Canada. Determined by the Food and Nutrition Board the RDA is the amount of a supplement that is deemed to be an adequate dosage appropriate to between 97% and 98% of the generally healthy adult population. With the RDV being used on food packaging, by reading the dosage values of the various constituents in the vitamin and health supplements you use – using RDA and RDV values you can determine exactly if you are getting enough of them or too little or even possibly too much.

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