Avoiding Winter Illnesses

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Apart from going down with the flu this winter common colds and sickness can strike us all at any time. Although they are usually over sooner than the flu can be, they can still leave you feeling out of sorts and quite possibly having to take time off work which none of us can afford these days. So, what health supplements or vitamins should you have to avoid going down with, or recover from, the common cold quickly if it should strike?

The common cold.

Affecting more people than any other virus with 200 variations, the rhinovirus is responsible for making more people feel ill than anything else in the world. In the most severe cases it can feel like a mild dose of flu, so potent is this virus. If you are intent of avoiding it this winter then make sure youre stocking your body up on vitamin C, taking at least a 200mg vitamin C supplement a day and having Echinacea ready will help you to stimulate your immune system to counter the effects of the common cold. A 200mg dose of Echinacea five times a day is usually recommended. Remember, Echinacea shouldnt be used with some prescription drugs or by pregnant women. Finally, zinc mineral supplements in the form of lozenges are excellent for both destroying the common cold virus and stopping it taking hold in the first place.


Blackberry leaf tea - not blackberry colored or something to chat to your friends with!

Blackberry leaf tea - not blackberry colored or something to chat to your friends with!

Gastroenteritis, caused by the rotavirus, can be really debilitating causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. To combat nausea one of the oldest cures in the world is the herbal supplement ginger. Best taken as a capsule or tea its volatile oils will calm the irritation in your stomach. If you should have diarrhea and/or vomiting then fluid loss and dehydration can occur, by drinking ginger tea you will be both calming your stomach and replacing those vital fluids. Both vomiting and diarrhea are, unfortunately, ways by which your body gets rid of something in your digestive system that is aggravating it; however blackberry leaf tea is strongly recommended as a herbal remedy thats leaf tea not just blackberry tea.

Dont forget

If the symptoms described above carry on for more than 24 to 48 hours consult your physician, as they could be something more serious than a common cold. Fighting the common cold is all about fighting viruses and germs. So, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water frequently and especially before preparing or eating food.

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