Bleeding Gums and Vitamin C

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If you have bleeding gums would you risk smiling like this?

If you have gums that bleed easily when either brushing your teeth or even just when eating food, then you should take the time to find a remedy fast! Bleeding gums could be the first indication of a few serious conditions, the most common of which is the periodontal disease gingivitis; which can lead to you losing all of your teeth. Caught early enough bleeding gums can often be easily treated and rectified, simply by taking a vitamin C supplement.

What causes bleeding gums?

Unfortunately the most common reason for developing bleeding gums is simply because people do not follow a rigorous procedure for regularly cleaning their teeth. In the act of cleaning your teeth you automatically also clean your gums. However, as we know cleaning our teeth does involve more than just brushing them two or three times a day. The brushing needs to be done with a good brush, for more than a few seconds, with firm and regular up/down and side-to-side strokes; and be followed with the use of floss and ideally a mouth wash. This sort of routine is essential to prevent the build up of plaque which is as much of a threat to your gums as your teeth.

What to do for bleeding gums.

Maintaining a good level of vitamin C in your body is essential to maintaining the health of your gums. Your vitamin C intake needs to at least meet the minimum recommended dose of 40mg a day; and yet a surprising number of people with bleeding gums fail to still to meet that target. So, if you have bleeding gums and are not the sort of person to regularly eat citrus fruits, you should consider having a vitamin C supplement. Another supplement, co-enzyme Q10 is also known to be helpful for some people with bleeding gums. Co-enzyme Q10 contains a substance that occurs naturally in the body called quinones, which are known to help gums heal. A 50mg supplement taken twice daily for a few weeks could help to strengthen your gums and reduce or even prevent them from bleeding.

Bleeding gums and medical advice.

Of course if your bleeding gums are causing you concern do seek advice from your medical professionals. Bleeding gums can be quite common during pregnancy, during which time you should consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. Also, bleeding gums are associated with other conditions such as stress, diabetes and even Leukemia.

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