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Of special importance these days are the vitamin and health supplements we give our canine friends, especially when they are still growing puppies. Whilst it is a fact that some of the more expensive dog foods will have special formulas that will ensure a puppy gets all the right doses of the health and vitamin supplements a young dog should have, not all brands of dog food will do so. Furthermore, with the national economy making it difficult to put good food on our own tables, buying the most expensive dog food is no longer an option for many dog lovers. So, what canine supplements should you pay particular attention to for your puppy?

Canine supplements for puppies.

Keep your puppy cute and healthy with the right canine supplements.

Making sure your puppy gets a good balance in all of the essential canine health supplements and vitamins is the thing to do and a quick glance at the nutritional information on the label of the dog food you use will quickly tell you whether or not your puppy might need some supplements. There is one kind of canine illness in particular to guard against with canine supplements which is arthritis and hip dysplasia, or arthritis of the hip, in particular. To combat this condition do make sure that your puppy is receiving enough vitamin A, B1 and a Folic acid supplement. Dont forget as well, one way we all tell whether or not our dog is in good health is by their coats, for a great looking shiny coat make sure your puppy is getting the right amount of essential fatty acids like fish oil supplements.

but be careful of

Be warned that your puppy or dog can actually have too much of a good thing when it comes to canine supplements and vitamins; so always follow the instructions on the dog supplement packaging. Be particularly careful not to overdose your puppy or dog on vitamins A, B6, C or D. Alterations in the behavior of your puppy such as lethargy, unusual bowel movements and stomach upsets or excessive drinking/urinating could all indicate an excess of those vitamins leading to a toxic effect in your puppies body. If any of those symptoms do occur stop using the vitamin supplement, if the puppy isnt back to normal in a couple of days a visit to your veterinary might be a sensible precaution.

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