Prostate Problems

Introduction. Being Prostate Cancer Awareness month in the USA it seems a good time to think about how you can avoid developing prostate problems, or, if you already are having problems with your prostate what can you do for yourself to try and prevent the symptoms getting any worse. What are prostate problems. Prostate problems [...]

Vitamin B Arrests Alzheimers

Introduction. Could a preventative treatment to the threat of Alzheimers disease finally have been found? Well, a study from Oxford University, England, has found that people who take a daily vitamin B supplement are less likely to succumb to the memory loss disease. Providing the vitamin supplement is at least begun to be taken during [...]

Forever Young

You don’t have to go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife to stay looking forever young.

Introduction. Would you believe it, but in possibly as little as two years time anti-ageing drugs could be available, capable of providing a healthy lifestyle for all beyond the age of 100. Arising from research into age related illnesses such as Alzheimers, cancers, diabetes and heart disease; Professor Barzali, of the Albert Einstein College of [...]

Male Libido

Introduction. An interesting study from Austria has made a direct link between the benefits of sun bathing and the male libido. Perhaps unsurprisingly it involves raising the levels of vitamin D in males, but that in itself is interesting as it is generally true that most of us feel somewhat friskier if the suns been [...]

Menopause Vitamin Supplements

Is this how you feel in the menopause?

Introduction. There comes in time in a womans life when she will enter the menopause, which can have varying affects from evening time hot flushes to an increase in body weight, depression and even to osteoporosis a decrease in bone density. In recent years hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been able to counter the [...]

Doctor Doctor

Introduction. Dont worry, this isnt a Doctor, Doctor my joke. It is, however, a piece that may be of interest to anyone with an illness that their physician seems unable to help them with. We all know of friends or family that have that mystery illness which, despite having had all the tests possible [...]

Granny Takes A Trip

I think these Grannies need to take a trip to the gym!

Introduction. As the 60s generation hit their 60s comes the news that the idea of Granny taking a trip might not just be restricted to a once popular brand of clothing. Apparently taking acid is rapidly becoming one of the quirkier health supplements for a range of ailments and illnesses, following a resurgence of [...]

Anti-Ageing Prize

Introduction. It might sound odd getting a prize for ageing but that is just what three American based scientists have done in winning the prestigious Nobel Prize for Medicine, following their ground-breaking work in enzymes. A major breakthrough in anti-ageing. The reason for them being given the award was for their work in identifying telomerase, [...]