Chinese Medicine News

 Camptotheca Acuminata - the Cancer tree

Introduction. Here in the west conventional medicine still seems to be the order of the day when it comes to receiving medical and health advice when visiting ones personal physician with an ailment. However, that could be set to change in the coming years as Chinese remedies begin to enjoy a period of unrivalled expansion [...]

Christmas Travel Sickness

Quercetin, a natural health supplement with anti-histamine properties.

Introduction. Christmas comes but once a year, as the childrens saying goes, but the levels of excitement that they can whip themselves up into seems to be enough to last the whole year. As if thats not enough in itself to make some kids ill, the long distance drives to visit family and friends for [...]

Natural Pain Relief

Introduction. With pain relief treatments like aspirin and ibuprofen again in the news due to the risk of causing stomach bleeding and kidney failure, more and more people are considering using natural pain killers instead of the ones you can buy from the major drug companies. Natural pain relief agents are frequently used alongside other [...]

Granny Takes A Trip

I think these Grannies need to take a trip to the gym!

Introduction. As the 60s generation hit their 60s comes the news that the idea of Granny taking a trip might not just be restricted to a once popular brand of clothing. Apparently taking acid is rapidly becoming one of the quirkier health supplements for a range of ailments and illnesses, following a resurgence of [...]

Quack Swine Flue Cures

Introduction. Not too surprisingly, and not before time, comes the news this week that the US FDA is cracking down on quack swine flu cures. With the bad weather approaching and the number of reported cases of the H1N1 flu virus bound to rise more and more people are looking on the internet for [...]