Forever Young

You don’t have to go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife to stay looking forever young.

Introduction. Would you believe it, but in possibly as little as two years time anti-ageing drugs could be available, capable of providing a healthy lifestyle for all beyond the age of 100. Arising from research into age related illnesses such as Alzheimers, cancers, diabetes and heart disease; Professor Barzali, of the Albert Einstein College of [...]

Male Libido

Introduction. An interesting study from Austria has made a direct link between the benefits of sun bathing and the male libido. Perhaps unsurprisingly it involves raising the levels of vitamin D in males, but that in itself is interesting as it is generally true that most of us feel somewhat friskier if the suns been [...]

A Hot 100 of Vitamin D Articles

You need to be very careful sun bathing or using sun beds to top up your vitamin D

Introduction. As we all know the internet is full of all sorts of information that is just so easy to access, which must surely mean that getting the vitamin D big picture is an easy thing to do. However, as some of us also know, although that the information on vitamin D might be easy [...]

Vitamin D good for your brain

With the health benefits of taking vitamin D for maintaining strong and healthy bones being well established, especially for women over the age of 50, comes news that it can also help you to keep your brain healthy. In a study involving more than 3,000 European men in the age range 49-79; those with higher [...]

The importance of Vitamin D for healthy bones.

A comparison of normal and diseased bones due to vitamin D deficiency

A recent review of previous studies in Switzerland has again highlighted the importance of taking a vitamin D supplement, with the recommendation  to add 400 IUs (International Units) a day to your diet. University Hospital, Zurich, have particularly stressed the importance of taking this supplement to women entering the menopause and everyone over the age [...]