Sunscreen And Vitamins

Introduction. Any one in their right minds these days will not be going out when the sun is shining strongly without a good layer of protection from one of the better sunscreen products. Sales of which recently have been at unprecedented levels following the searing heat levels and scorching conditions weve recently experienced in the [...]

Are You Getting Enough

Are you getting enough?

Introduction. Taking vitamins and health supplements is all well and good – but are you getting enough? Just taking a vitamin supplement of health product without knowing the dosage that youre consuming isnt really much of a help to your overall health. Its not even a case of not getting enough of a vitamin or [...]

Rubbish About Junk Food

Introduction. Here at Vitamins and Supplements were all for bringing you the latest news to do with vitamins and health supplements – but do you believe this rubbish about junk food? Apparently research coming out of a Taiwanese university claims that people who take vitamin supplements are more likely to gorge themselves on fast-food than [...]

Avoiding Winter Illnesses

Blackberry leaf tea - not blackberry colored or something to chat to your friends with!

Introduction. Apart from going down with the flu this winter common colds and sickness can strike us all at any time. Although they are usually over sooner than the flu can be, they can still leave you feeling out of sorts and quite possibly having to take time off work which none of [...]

Vitamin B Arrests Alzheimers

Introduction. Could a preventative treatment to the threat of Alzheimers disease finally have been found? Well, a study from Oxford University, England, has found that people who take a daily vitamin B supplement are less likely to succumb to the memory loss disease. Providing the vitamin supplement is at least begun to be taken during [...]

Help For Celiacs

Introduction. Whether its the humble bread roll or salmon en croute that you have to avoid being a sufferer of celiacs disease is not only no joke but is really no fun at all. OK, so I guess if youre desperate to lose a few pounds then being able to say no to that [...]

Controlling Morning Sickness

Introduction. Not all mothers to be succumb to morning sickness but those that do can find it at best an annoyance and in extreme cases downright debilitating. So, what can you do to set about controlling morning sickness and, hopefully, reducing its impact on your daily life. Anticipating morning sickness. Before going on to consider [...]

Nuts To Cholesterol

Just 70g of nuts a day can help to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Introduction. If you like eating nuts and have high cholesterol then some good news for you this week is that by eating more nuts you can now officially say nuts to cholesterol, as eating as little as 70 grams of nuts a day can help to lower your total levels of cholesterol. Even better, [...]

Three Vitamin Shortages

No girls - eating cake’s no way to combat the three vitamin shortages!

Introduction. Did you know that there are three vitamin shortages in particular that your body could be suffering from? The three vitamins are the vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin K none of which can be stored in your body; giving rise to a potential shortage of them. As these three vitamins cannot [...]

Forever Young

You don’t have to go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife to stay looking forever young.

Introduction. Would you believe it, but in possibly as little as two years time anti-ageing drugs could be available, capable of providing a healthy lifestyle for all beyond the age of 100. Arising from research into age related illnesses such as Alzheimers, cancers, diabetes and heart disease; Professor Barzali, of the Albert Einstein College of [...]

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