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Whether its the humble bread roll or salmon en croute that you have to avoid being a sufferer of celiacs disease is not only no joke but is really no fun at all. OK, so I guess if youre desperate to lose a few pounds then being able to say no to that slice of cake because you have to follow a wheat free diet may yet be of some help; however, I somehow think it will really be of very little blessing to you.

Celiacs wheat intolerance.

Bread and pasta - two of the big no-no foods for celiacs.

Celiacs disease can vary from being only a slight intolerance to a complete aversion to eating any food products containing wheat. This sensitivity to eating wheat and the need to eat a wheat-free diet is seen as a psychological disorder as much as a physical one, but even so to dismiss a celiac as one with a particular food-fad is at unfair indeed. Whatever the underlying reason for the wheat intolerance an intolerance exists which needs treatment to avoid the sufferer from becoming malnourished due to eating an inadequate diet. With wheat free foods being typically two and three times more expensive than the more common wheat containing ones, wheat free diets especially for anyone living on a budget can be a real problem. So what can vitamin or health supplements do for the celiac?

Vitamin supplements for celiacs.

Research from the University of Alberta has revealed that a wheat free, or even a low wheat diet, can result in vitamin D and K deficiencies, both of which are important for bone development in both women and men. Subsequently apart from recommending a general multi-vitamin supplement for celiacs ensuring that they at least take a vitamin D and a vitamin K supplement is essential if they wish to avoid problems with their bones in later life. Using a vitamin supplement with children that have celiacs disease can also help to boost their autoimmune systems, which will also be affected by an unbalanced wheat free diet.

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