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Here in the west conventional medicine still seems to be the order of the day when it comes to receiving medical and health advice when visiting ones personal physician with an ailment. However, that could be set to change in the coming years as Chinese remedies begin to enjoy a period of unrivalled expansion and support in many countries outside of Asia, especially in the field of health supplements.

Chinese medicines R&D.

Currently in Shanghai one company, Hutchison China Meditech, which produces traditional Chinese medicines has invested over $100 million in researching and developing medicines derived from the traditional roots and plants that have been in use for thousands of years. Although their sales for one year in China alone will cover those costs, the company is very excited about a compound they have developed coded HMPL-004. Made from the traditional Chinese ingredients for curing stomach ailments, it is currently being tested by the FDA as a treatment for bowel inflammation and Crohns disease.

More to Chinese cures to follow.

 Camptotheca Acuminata - the Cancer tree

Camptotheca Acuminata - the Cancer tree

Despite having access to the drugs that are so widely used in the west, the Chinese persist in using their own traditional cures and supplements. Other Chinese cures arousing interest in the west at present include the swine-flu drug Banlangen and a cardio-vascular drug composed of 15 different herbal extracts. Also one of the most effective cures for malaria and fevers is based on a herbal remedy from the star anise fruit and cancer drugs derived from Camptotheca Acuminata (also known as the Happy Tree and the Cancer tree), which is native to China. With over 10,000 natural substances used in traditional Chinese herbal preparations the research task is an enormous one. However, once completed it should provide the efficacy necessary to finally acknowledge the role that Chinese medicines can make to our overall health and welfare.

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