Christmas Travel Sickness

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Christmas comes but once a year, as the childrens saying goes, but the levels of excitement that they can whip themselves up into seems to be enough to last the whole year. As if thats not enough in itself to make some kids ill, the long distance drives to visit family and friends for that Christmas get-together or even Christmas Day meal will surely get some kids reacting with travel sickness.

Travel sickness.

Although travel sickness isnt something that affects only children, as it is something that most people grow out of, it is seen as mainly a problem for the kids. As anyone knows if theyve ever taken children on a long journey - travel sickness can strike at any time of the year and on any sort of journey, not just by car. Travel sickness is caused by your eyes telling your brain youre going one way, but your balancing system in the ears trying to convince your brain that youre going another. Technically speaking, the vestibular system of the inner ear disagrees with the visual signal from your eyes with the net result of feeling sick, going pale, clammy or both and quite probably giving you a headache.

Natural cures for travel sickness.

Quercetin, a natural health supplement with anti-histamine properties.

Quercetin, a natural health supplement with anti-histamine properties.

Fortunately there are a few natural remedies recommended for travel sickness. Although hard proof as to how this works is thin on the ground acupressure wrist bands seem to help some sufferers, even if its just by a placebo effect. Taking the natural health supplement Ginger before a journey is also recommended, although again apart from being known to settle stomachs, as to how this works is also rather a mystery. One thing that is an established preventative cure for travel sickness is taking anti-histamines an hour before the journey. If you dont want to use pharmaceutical ones try the health supplement Quercetin, this flavonoid is usually taken with a dose of vitamin C too. Finally, dont let the kids watch a DVD or read in the back of the car, alternatively have a story playing on their iPods or the car sound system and do try to keep fresh air circulating throughout your vehicle.

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