Controlling Morning Sickness

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Not all mothers to be succumb to morning sickness but those that do can find it at best an annoyance and in extreme cases downright debilitating. So, what can you do to set about controlling morning sickness and, hopefully, reducing its impact on your daily life.

Anticipating morning sickness.

Unpleasant in any way you want to consider it.

Before going on to consider if any vitamin or health supplements can help with morning sickness there are a couple of simple tricks you can apply to both monitor and reduce occurrences of morning sickness. First of all, as soon as the morning sickness manifests itself, start keeping a diary of the times of the day when it affects you. You will more than likely notice a pattern occurring showing that it is more likely to affect you at certain times of the day rather than being constantly there throughout the day. Having established the times when morning sickness isnt affecting you, those are the windows of opportunity to eat your meals in with what should be some surety of not then immediately feeling sick. Youll probably find that eating cold foods will be best, salads and the like, as cold food tends to have less odor which will help you in keeping it down.

Vitamins and health supplements for morning sickness.

One theory on morning sickness is that it is a form of allergic reaction. Received wisdom is that pregnant women should not be given anti-histamines or vitamin B6 for fear of damage to the fetus. However, talk to your health professional about this one as recent studies indicate that H1 receptor antagonist antihistamines are OK to use, especially Avomine and Valoid. Two other health supplements are ginger and sea bands. Ginger is a well known, tried and tested health supplement for dietary disorders; whilst a sea band will apply pressure on the P6 point three closed fingers above the wrist which as well as helping with travel sickness is useful in combating morning sickness too.

Dehydration danger!

In extreme cases of morning sickness dehydration can occur. So, if you want to avoid an early hospital admission keep your fluid levels up regardless of how nauseous you might feel; even if its just drinking sips of water or if possible a specially formulated rehydration drink.

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