Diabetes Nerve Damage

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A long term complication associated with diabetes is nerve damage. Correctly known as diabetic neuropathy it causes the progressive loss of feeling and pain in the limbs of diabetics. It is believed that this nervous condition brought on by diabetes is due to free radicals damaging the nerve cells, which in turn arises due to the excessive levels of glucose in the blood. As an anti-oxidant the health supplement alpha-lipoic acid has the ability to counter that damage for people with Type II diabetes and can even help people to respond to their treatment with insulin.

Reducing the risk of nerve damage in type II diabetes

How alpha-lipoic acid works.

It should be stressed here that alpha-lipoic acid is not a replacement for insulin and if you have already been diagnosed with any stage of diabetes – you should continue with the medication recommended by your physician and consult them before embarking on a course of alpha-lipoic acid tablets. However, for those with Type II diabetes as well as following the dietary recommendations of your physician you could discuss this health supplement with them as, alpha-lipoic acid has been shown to lower the glucose levels in blood and, by generally increasing the blood flow to nerve ends, it enhances the ability of the nerve ends to receive impulses – thereby reducing the feelings of numbness and tingling associated with nerve damage.

Taking alpha-lipoic acid.

If your physician agrees take alpha-lipoic acid tablets in 100mg or 200mg doses three times a day. You can take these with meals or without, adding other health supplements to remove free radicals from your blood will also help; so do also consider taking vitamin C and vitamin E supplements. When taken correctly alpha-lipoic acid has no known serious side effects. However, it has been known to cause mild stomach upsets and skin rashes. To counter these effects first try reducing the dosage then, if that has no affect, stop taking the supplement.

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