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Help yourself!

Help yourself!

Dont worry, this isnt a Doctor, Doctor my joke. It is, however, a piece that may be of interest to anyone with an illness that their physician seems unable to help them with. We all know of friends or family that have that mystery illness which, despite having had all the tests possible done and seen all the specialists imaginable still cannot be isolated and diagnosed by the experts. Then, possibly following a chance conversation with someone else, the person concerned finds a vitamin or health supplement that alleviates, if not cures the very symptoms theyve been suffering with.

Damaging free radicals.

Just in case youve been living on a desert island without books, a TV or internet access; in a similar way to rust forming on iron as a result of oxidation, so too can our bodies be affected by a process of oxidation caused by what are known as free radicals. Free radicals are known to be responsible for a whole range of cell damage within our bodies and can even attack our DNA.  Even worse the older we get the more prone to cell damage by free radicals we become, making us more likely to feel ill for no apparent reason and accelerating the ageing process. To fight these effects it is vital that we keep our bodies well stocked with anti-oxidants to counter them.

Fighting free radicals with anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are present in a range of foods and, if you are able to, eating eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day should provide you with the anti-oxidants you need. However, a loss of appetite quite often accompanies an illnesses or general feelings of being unwell that your doctor cannot treat. If you have a loss of appetite then you should take the following vitamin and health supplements to ensure that you get the equivalent amounts of anti-oxidants, that could otherwise have been obtained from your diet. Vitamins E, C and A are essential vitamin supplements; as are the health supplements coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic, beta-carotene and bioflananoids.

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