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Would you believe it, but in possibly as little as two years time anti-ageing drugs could be available, capable of providing a healthy lifestyle for all beyond the age of 100. Arising from research into age related illnesses such as Alzheimers, cancers, diabetes and heart disease; Professor Barzali, of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, has isolated exactly why some people can live to a ripe old age genetically whilst others cant. The net result of which is that drugs to counter genetic defects that lead to premature cell death can be developed.

Antioxidants and staying forever young.

You don’t have to go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife to stay looking forever young.

Don’t go under the knife to stay forever young.

Primary amongst the vitamins and supplements that have anti-ageing properties are anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals. The main ones you need to take are vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene; all of which will mop up those unstable free radicals, which are so damaging to the cells in our bodies. Both of these vitamins will also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancers and even cataracts from developing. Vitamin E has the added benefit of also helping to boost your immune functions. Two mineral supplements to consider are Zinc and Selenium. Selenium will help to fight off free radicals and maintain healthy skin, hair and eyes. A lack of Zinc will mean that your immune system isnt working to full efficiency; so taking a Zinc supplement will both boost your immune system and help any wounds to heal quickly.

How else to stay forever young.

The importance of staving off osteoporosis as we get older is well known and the simplest way to do this is by maintaining a high intake of Calcium in the diet. However, with dairy products being a major source of Calcium, but not particularly food stuff that everyone enjoys, what other health supplements are there that can be taken instead to fight off osteoporosis? A combination of vitamin D and a Calcium mineral supplement are to be recommended. The calcium supplement will ensure that your calcium intake is what it should be and the vitamin D helps your body to absorb it to maximum effect into your bones.

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