Granny Takes A Trip

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As the 60s generation hit their 60s comes the news that the idea of Granny taking a trip might not just be restricted to a once popular brand of clothing. Apparently taking acid is rapidly becoming one of the quirkier health supplements for a range of ailments and illnesses, following a resurgence of interest in the benefits of psychedelic drugs as a therapeutic treatment. So, who knows but before too long it might just be possible to obtain drugs like LSD on prescription rather than risking becoming involved in criminality or taking unknown doses of what is potentially still a dangerous drug.

Psychedelics and the specialists.

Once thought to have no medical value at all drugs like LSD are being revisited by psychiatrists as possible treatments for both cluster headache sufferers and substance abusers from cocaine to even binge eating. Researchers at Berkley, Harvard and even Oxford, UK, have all been testing LSD and psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, to treat a range of patients with a history of substance abuse; whereas they all seem to favor using the 2-bromo-LSD form, commonly known as BOL, which is a non-psychedelic form of LSD for patients suffering from non-addictive complaints. The use of psychedelic drugs is seen as a health supplement as it is always used alongside conventional psychotherapy techniques.

Acid and the patients.

One sufferer of acute headaches for over 40 years claims that taking 100mg dose of LSD just twice a year alleviates the pain and distress he used to suffer. Until he started the program of medication debilitating headache attacks would be an almost daily occurrence, whereas now he feels able to conduct a normal life. Typical of the reaction to LSD by substance abusers is the comment from Jess who was a binge eater: LSD helped me to rise above my negative and destructive thoughts Along a similar line, LSD has even been of help in recovering from chemotherapy sessions to deal with Leukemia, one patient five years into remission is quoted as saying that taking LSD helped him to mentally get over the leukemia by convincing him he could beat the cancer by giving him the will to carry on.

I think these Grannies need to take a trip to the gym!

I think these Grannies need to take a trip to the gym!

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