Hay-fever cures, other than antihistamines

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You dont have to look like this just becasue youre suffering from hay fever!

A seasonal allergic reaction to pollens in the air hay fever can ruin the opportunities for some people to be outdoors enjoying the good weather. Blocked and runny noses, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing are typical symptoms that a hay fever sufferer has; especially in the mornings.

Why do some people suffer from hay fever?

In some people their immune system thinks that the pollen is a bacterial or viral infection, so it releases histamines to deal with it. It is the histamines we produce naturally that cause the problems for us, not the pollen in the first place; as the histamines cause the inflammation to try and protect us, by preventing the pollen from entering our bodies. Which is why hay fever sufferers get all the symptoms of sneezing and watery eyes etc. Buying anti-histamines is an obvious solution, but not everyone wants to use a chemical solution to the problem, not to mention the cost of some proprietary anti-histamines.

Herbal remedies for hay fever.

Several herbal remedies exist for hay fever, all of which have some veracity behind them. Vitamin C is recommended, as it reinforces the antioxidants in our noses and throats, supporting the immune system. Omega-3 oils are known to dampen down inflammation, whilst drinking ginger tea has a decongestant effect, relaxing airways and reducing sneezing. However, medical herbalists recommend quercetin a naturally occurring flavonoid supernutrient found in many common fruits like apples and some common vegetables. Quercetin naturally blocks the release of histamines and so is ideal for reducing the symptoms of hay fever. Occurring in our natural diet taking a quercetin supplement shouldnt produce any side effects. Taking 500 mg of quercetin a day is recommended, ideally as two drinks of nettle leaf tea, each with 250mg in it. The nettle leaf needs to have at least 1% of plant silica in it.

No sneezes here? These people are suffering from the play Hay fever by Noel Coward!

No sneezes here? These people are suffering from the play Hay fever by Noel Coward!

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Children are more prone to get infection. Hay fever can occur during the spring and summer season and usually due to a reaction to pollen from flowers, grasses and trees. There are some remedies which can cure it like, local unfiltered honey is the most curative method, also liquorice, Steam inhalation with water infused with essential oils like Peppermint and Chamomile is good. Drink goat ,sheep milk or hemp milk. Dont allow children to play near freshly mown lawns.

Written By What is hay fever on July 27th, 2009 @ 12:05 pm

Take honey daily one spoon which is best for hay fever cures and the fresh nettle tea which strength the immune system and help in protect from the hay fever diseases.

Written By moorthi on December 3rd, 2009 @ 7:50 am

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