Collagen Supplements

There is always a good side and a bad side to our endless quest for the fountain of youth. The bad side is that in an effort to cover the effects of age, we will take treatments that might let us appear young but not give us the real body of a young person. It’s always sad and also a little pathetic to see someone who is further along in adulthood using botox and hair pieces to look 25 and then to try to play tennis or dance the night away like a young person only to experience severe discomfort afterwards because that 40-50 year old body might not be able to act like that any more.

Healthy Lifestyle

The good side of our desire to retain our youth shows when we change our mindset and adopt a healthier lifestyle of diet and exercise and stay physically active. There is nothing as encouraging as seeing someone in their middle age years who acts their age but continues to live a busy and healthy life because it is a joy to be active and capable of living life to its fullest and this can be seen as a reward itself.

The Good and the Bad Sides

The dark side of our youth obsession occurs when we consider drugs that promise us perpetual youth. But there are many healthy diet supplements that can do us a lot of good by helping us to provide our bodies with the proteins and other essential elements that keep us vital and able to stay on the go like we want to be. Out of all the many supplements that we look to for that kind of help, collagen seems to appeal to the dark side as well as to the positive side of our desire to look and live a youthful lifestyle.

Basic Role of Collagen

Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in our physical make up. Its job is to provide connective tissue for our joints, tendons, muscles and even our skin and bones. So basically we can say that collagen holds us together. It is collagen that gives young people their trim and smooth look. But like other aspects of aging, when we grow older, natural collagen production in our bodies decreases. Hence, our skin sags as well as our muscles. The reduced amount of collagen also affects our joints causing those aches and pains that are a common complaint when we get older.

Collagen’s Benefits

Collagen supplements are a great way to recover a lot of that elasticity and tightness we knew from our youth to all aspects of our physical make up. You could say that it works like a youth pill in that way. It can restore limberness in joints and muscles so that you can achieve better results when you work out. It also can help with skin care programs restoring resistance of the skin to wrinkles and sagging. So in general collagen is a beneficial supplement that helps us fight against the hands of time.

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