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It shouldnt come as any surprise to you to learn that health and vitamin supplements can help you to maintain beautiful looking and healthy hair. For men its not even just a question of having healthy hair, but making sure youre taking the correct amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals just could help you literally maintain their hair - rather than losing it to male pattern baldness.

Vitamins and healthy hair.

Is it the hair grabbing everyone’s attention?

Maintaining and having healthy hair is essentially about preserving the quality of the hair follicles and the condition of the skin forming your scalp. Whilst maintaining good levels of vitamins in your body, especially vitamins C and B are vital to healthy hair, an excess of one vitamin can have a damaging effect on it. Under normal circumstances taking a multi-vitamin supplement is quite safe for anyone eating a normal and well balanced diet. However, whilst a lack of vitamin A can cause a flaky scalp and affect the quality of your hair - an excess of vitamin A is also to be avoided.  Quite simply more than 30 mg of vitamin A per day can actually promote hair loss! Whilst that would be a truly excessive dosage, it is something to be wary of and certainly do not take a vitamin A supplement exceeding the recommended daily dosage.

Other supplements to help with healthy hair.

If you have dry and lifeless hair try adding to your diet a fish oil supplement full of omega-3 fatty acids, or use evening primrose oil to combat dandruff. Although dandruff is commonly associated with a dry scalp, if you should have naturally oily skin but still get a lot of dandruff - try a biotin and vitamin B complex. Not only will this address the dandruff but should also help to strengthen hair and help to prevent hair loss in men. If you are starting to lose your hair a zinc supplement should at least slow down the rate of loss. However, remember that to maintain a proper mineral balance in your body youll also need to take a copper supplement along with the zinc. Finally theres selenium, known to promote healthy hair growth - it can also do the chaps good in other areas too!


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