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Recent reports have been warning us about the dangers of artificial sweeteners not being that much of a healthy option to using sugar itself. Apparently they can cause us to absorb more calories than sugar; so exactly what might the healthy options to using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners be?

Use honey instead.

Honey - an an ideal and natural sweetener to use.

Honey - an an ideal and natural sweetener to use.

 Im not personally the sort of person that needs to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to their drinks. However, just occasionally I do have a spoon of honey in a cup of coffee or tea. In 100g of honey there are 288 calories whilst in 100g of sugar there are 394 calories. Now you wont, or at least you really shouldnt, go putting 100g of either of those two things in a drink but dont think a teaspoon of these two things is the same either. Quite simply honey is denser than sugar and you only need about a third by volume of honey compared to sugar, so a third of a teaspoon of honey is the same as a teaspoon of sugar. If you like yoghurts that are sweet, instead of buying ones with artificial sweeteners buy unsweetened ones and then add honey to sweeten it yourself. This way, over time, you can slowly reduce the amount you use until youre quite happy to take your yoghurt, or indeed drinks, without any sweetener in it at all.

Other advantages of using honey.

Honey has, of course, been used for thousands of years as a general health supplement and cure for a range of ailments from stomach pains and irritable bowel syndrome to curing cuts and wounds. As a health supplement honey is known to contain anti-microbial compounds capable of destroying stomach ulcer forming bacteria and even some food poisoning bacteria. Dont forget as well that honey can be bought in all sorts of flavors and consistencies according to the tastes that you like.

Stevia, another natural sweetening option.

Another natural alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners is stevia sugar from the  Paraguayan shrub stevia rebaudiana. Three hundred times sweeter than sugar not only is it an alternative sweetener but it too has health supplement properties. It can not only lower blood pressure but, being low in carbohydrates, can help obese people who need sweeteners in their drinks and food, to lose weight.

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