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Not having good levels of vitamin D can affect your mental abilities!

With the health benefits of taking vitamin D for maintaining strong and healthy bones being well established, especially for women over the age of 50, comes news that it can also help you to keep your brain healthy. In a study involving more than 3,000 European men in the age range 49-79; those with higher vitamin D levels did better when asked to carry out memory and information processing tests, compared to men with lower levels of vitamin D.

Protect your brain with vitamin D.

The team that conducted the study, from University of Manchester in northern England, believe they have found a link between the key signaling pathways in the brain and the protective influence of vitamin D in the cells concerned. Previous studies have all hinted at an association between lower vitamin D levels and an increased incidence of mental decline with age, but this is the first study that has proposed exactly what the significant role of vitamin D in the mental processes might be.

Vitamin D, mental agility and hormones.

Although only proven so far in animal studies, scientists have found increased levels of protective hormone activity in the brains of animals with high levels of vitamin D. It is also believed that decreases in mental agility can occur according to the amount of free-radicals in your body, which as an anti-oxidant vitamin D will help to control and reduce; in effect detoxifying the brain. The respected academic Professor Tim Spector, of Kings College London and an expert on the effects of vitamin D and ageing, said that this report shows further evidence supporting the beliefs that maintaining good levels of vitamin D in the over-50s can help to maintain their health in many respects. So, in these days when we are increasingly being warned of not over-exposing ourselves to the sun, the over-50s should surely check their diet and see if they need a daily vitamin D supplement.

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