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As we all know the internet is full of all sorts of information that is just so easy to access, which must surely mean that getting the vitamin D big picture is an easy thing to do. However, as some of us also know, although that the information on vitamin D might be easy to access just how reliable and accurate is it really? Although some people are highly sceptical about most information to be found on the internet, it is not fair to say that everything has to be treated with suspicion. However, it is fair to say that the same as if you were seriously researching something in a library, you should always seek more than one point of view on it.

Just how good is Vitamin D advice on the internet?

You need to be very careful sun bathing or using sun beds to top up your vitamin D

You need to be very careful sun bathing or using sun beds to top up your vitamin D

So, for example, if an article on the internet is headlined Vitamin D supplements essential to combat keeping out of the sun, then before rushing out to buy a vitamin D supplement you really should see if there are any other articles out there to support that claim. Also, do discriminate between an article simply being someones opinion and articles that are based on or backed up by authoritative statements and links. Using the above example, if it just comes out of the health nuts blog, without any scientific support and was clearly just some bloggers opinion; then on something that was health/science related I might just be rather sceptical about it. However, that same article in the same blog site backup up by statements or references to leading health agency or university just might be worth considering and certainly finding out more about it. Another note to consider here of course, regarding the health authority or university etc is, are they bona fide too? A report by someone claiming to have a diploma from the We love vitamin D college in Vitamin Dology, might not be trustworthy itself either! Whereas something out of the FDA or UCLA etc well I think Id be inclined to believe them.

Why not just take someone elses opinion on the internet?

The problems for African-Americans, especially females, and vitamin D deficiency is no conspiracy at all!

Sometimes simply taking someone elses opinion on the internet is absolutely fine. If I just want to amuse myself with what Britneys up to or what the latest conspiracy theory about Michael Jackson is etc. There is also nothing wrong at all with taking someone elses opinion about a topic like vitamin D on the internet. But, just the same as we all really know a lot of the gossip on the internet about Britney or Jacko etc is just that gossip, dont think you have to follow anything that they might also put out as vitamin D advice. Opinion is one thing and fine but, irresponsibly advising something without factual support could be dangerous.

So, what is the internet saying about vitamin D?

Here at vitaminsandsupplements.com weve been keeping an eye on the vitamin D news articles that have been occurring in the web search engines. Below is a hot 100 selection of them with a simple commentary on each article. Each comment starts off with a link to the actual article and short quotation from it. Our comment simply begins with a simple vitamin D article rating Good, Not sure or Bad indicating our opinion as to the veracity of the article, followed by a few words from us explaining why we rated it that way. Oh yes, we havent rated any of our own articles on this topic theyre really not for us to judge ourselves.

How to read the data and information weve prepared for you.

First youll see the url/hyperlink to click on to read a vitamin D report or article, followed in italics by the source for the article and a brief extract from it. This is followed by three dots () and our classification for it Good, Not sure or Bad. Then the comments you see after the dash (-) are our comments on that particular article.

Some recent internet news reports on vitamin D.

Too little
Lynchburg News and Advance Lynchburg,VA,USA
Vitamin D supplements can help get levels up. Right now, the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D for adults is 200 to 600 international units with
Good a well balanced article with plenty of references to further research. Although not a medical/health website itself, it is clearly journalistic rather than an individuals blog.

Researchers who touted high
Globe and Mail Canada
Some of the most sensational health claims ever advanced about a nutrient have recently been made for vitamin D. Not having enough of the sunshine vitamin
Good and another good journalistic article. Again there are plenty of references to authority sites and papers for further consideration.

How much vitamin D do I need?
Munster Times Munster,IN,USA
Meanwhile, even if the tests are accurate, theres debate about how much vitamin D a person needs and whether supplements are worthwhile.
Good again plenty of factual information and other things for later consideration. However, it does weaken itself at the end by trying to sell you a self diagnosis pack to get your vitamin D levels measured. So, it only just makes the good and is perhaps borderline not sure.

Peoples Pharmacy: Vitamin D a shining star
Houston Chronicle United States
By JOE and TERESA GRAEDON KING FEATURES SYNDICATE Most vitamin supplements have taken a beating in the press during the past few years.
Bad despite the headline for this article and some good vitamin D information being provided; it then goes off piste to start a Q&A session on just about anything and everything.

Get Your
Insciences Organisation Basel,Switzerland
Only UVB exposure will trigger the conversion of the vitamin D precursor to sun-generated vitamin D3 that impacts bone health. The problem is that UVB rays
Good basically being an article trying to help persuade people not to use tanning beds to top up their vitamin D, this has to be classed as good advice ergo a good article.

The Largest Online Natural Herbal
BigNews.biz (press release) Natick,MA,USA
People with Discomfort of weight bearing Joints are often deficient in vitamin D3, Joint Builder is the solution. Joint Builder on wholesale price
Bad if wed had an appalling rating, this would have got it. The link really just takes you directly to a page trying to sell you health/supplement supplies without any attempt at giving you information.

A mothers ultimate gift
Seacoastonline.com Portsmouth,NH,USA
Vitamin D and the higher levels of iron and folic acid needed during pregnancy may be difficult to get without a supplement. An omega three fatty acid
Not sure clearly a blog stating an opinion, but supposedly from some one who is a licensed dietician. However, no specific authority references about vitamin D?

The sun and your skin: the controversy over vitamin D
Examiner.com USA
An additional option is to take a vitamin D supplement, either alone or included in a supplement containing calcium. The usual recommendation for daily
Not sure a really good read, well structured and informative and again theres plenty that you could do follow up research on but the article doesnt give you any clues where to look. This time the article is from someone stating they are a Doctor, who the website describes as an Examiner from Des Moines, but theres nothing to back up their claim hence the not sure verdict.

Even a Dietitian Can Find It Hard to Craft a Diet That Covers All
Washington Post United States
She wasnt offering nearly enough iron, Vitamin D or potassium
Good coming out of the Washington Post itd be pretty difficult not to say good. Journalistic in style, but highly readable and full of good ideas and directions to authority links and advice.

New Evidence Ties
Synapse San Francisco,CA,USA
People living at latitudes greater than 40 degrees from the equator (San Francisco is on the border) should be taking vitamin D supplements.
Not sure despite this article sitting on one of the UCSF servers and being written by someone describing themselves as the Science editor it lacks any real authority or cross-referencing. Is it a good article yes, but one that fails to convince me that it is doing anything other than trying to sell vitamin D supplements.

Cochrane review finds exercise best in fall prevention
Irish Medical News Dublin,Ireland
Other measures, including pacemakers and vitamin D supplements, might be useful in preventing certain individuals from falling, but exercise programmes that
Bad in fairness this isnt particularly an article about vitamin D per se, but nonetheless the way vitamin D is thrown into it is a tenuous link at best.

Strong bones
Malaysia Star Malaysia
If one does not go outdoors, is immobile or has a deficient diet, a daily intake of 800IU of vitamin D supplement is necessary.
Not sure a very well written and presented article by a Doctor, although whether hes an MD is difficult to be sure. With no cross-referencing this is really in the area of blog opinion only.

Vitamin D Pills Cut Bone Fracture Risk
Puzas, who didnt work on the research review, says he isnt surprised to see that vitamin D supplements helped bones, even after age 65. Your bone health
Good based on an article in a medical journal and it has excellent cross-references to authority sites and papers. Also, it actually contains really useful and helpful information about vitamin D.

Wellesse Receives Corporate Sponsor of the Year Award From the
PR Newswire (press release) New York,NY,USA
The line of liquid dietary supplements includes the nations best-selling liquid glucosamine, Joint Movement Glucosamine(R), liquid Vitamin D and liquid
Good although this is clearly a promotional piece for a health supplements company, its authority and references cant be faulted.

Veil wearers face vitamin deficiency
The Age Melbourne,Australia
for religious reasons, Dr Munns says these people should have their vitamin D levels checked annually and consider taking a daily vitamin supplement.
Good this article makes a perfectly serious point and is based on an article from the Medical Journal of Australia. However, I would have been even more impressed had they added some firm facts and statistics from the journal report.

Can you buy longevity?
Examiner.com USA
and, if youve bought into the whole stay out of the sun scare tactic, you really should take an additional vitamin D supplement of at least 1000 IU
Bad eye catching headline, but thats all I can say thats good about this one. Actually it is a positively dangerous article if anyone reading it thinks they can lengthen their life by taking a vitamin D tablet.

And they are asking this intriguing question: Could varying vitamin D levels contribute to the health gap between black and white Americans?
Good being on the USA Today site this article has links to other, associated, articles and authority sites and references. Extensive, well written and informative.

Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia,PA,USA
While Vitamin D supplements have been widely touted as protective against autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, a new review of previous studies
Good plenty of authority links and a well written and balanced piece.

Study Finds Many Children Have
ny1s Health & Fitness reporter Kafi Drexel filed the following report on what parents can do to change that. Taking vitamin D supplements has become an
Good this article isnt trying to sell you anything and yet is highly informative, being based on a hospital study.

Globe and Mail Canada
The study supports the theory that vitamin D insufficiency may worsen asthma severity, and we suspect that giving vitamin D supplements to asthma patients
Good writing about the positive effects of vitamin D on asthma sufferers, this article has authority references and is quite open about the new and tentative nature of this research.

Associated Content Denver,CO,USA
During 2006, I noticed an extreme spike in the sales of vitamin D supplements in the store I was managing, but I was not surprised when health trends
Bad almost so bad I dont know what to say. Dont see this as article about vitamin D, just one to sell you vitamins.

The Sunshine
Manila Bulletin Philippines
And bone loss, while taken for granted by many, is a serious health concern for both men and women. While calcium is vital for bone health, vitamin D is as
Good with good information and based on a conference in London, UK. Describes the need for measured exposure to the sun and a good balanced diet, regarding getting natural vitamin D.

Avoid the fall and the fear
Wilton Villager CT
Espana recommends that older adults take calcium and vitamin D supplements to increase their bone strength. People should remember that falling is not an
Bad although the source for this article is good enough, the article really has little to do with vitamin D and is more public information on avoiding falls.

Chlorella can Replace a Closet Full of Expensive Supplements
Natural News.com Phoenix,AZ,USA
It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, and is one of the few whole food sources of vitamin D. Chlorella has the complete vitamin B complex with more B-12
Not sure the problem with this article is that it is a very generic one concerning vitamins and health supplements, mentioning vitamin D merely in passing. However, it is an interesting one and does offer citations to authority sites.

Whats The Big Deal About Vitamin D Levels On Health Anyway?
CarbWire.com USA
Nothing else changed in the diet or supplements, so this could be an emerging concern regarding Vitamin Dor not! Im working on finding an expert who can
Bad despite having authority references this is simply a turgid article to read. It baffles you with numbers and tries to be quasi-scientific. If you like articles with a personal story it might be for you, but not me.

Critically Ill Patients Lack
Forbes NY,USA
In the current study, 10 patients were given vitamin D supplements, and no protective effect was found. Dr. Kirit Tolia, chief of endocrinology at
Good lots of authority references in this article that explores the need for very ill and hospitalized people to have their vitamin d levels monitored. A bit of a specialist really, in that it wont appeal to too many readers in general.

Real Flu Fighters
San Francisco Chronicle CA, USA
Vitamin D is an emerging area of intense research you can get it only from the sun, or from milk or other foods/drinks where its added as a supplement.
Not sure a long article that does mention, along with several other things, that vitamin D can help to combat swine flu. Supposedly written by a medical practitioner, the article has several good and authority links. My problem is that despite what the article says Im not convinced its written by a doctor.

Vitamin D Insufficiency Linked to Asthma Severity
Medscape USA
Studies that supplement with the currently recommended doses of vitamin D, while unlikely to raise ethical or regulatory concerns, would fail to address
Bad you click on the link and get taken to page insisting you have to register and then log-in to see the article. Sorry, but regardless of how bona fide the article might be, if youre not prepared to show it without pre-conditions dont bother advertising it.

Vitamin D often low in mothers and newborns
Reuters USA
Whats more, prenatal vitamin D supplements do not fully protect against this deficiency, according to data released at Pediatric Academic Societies annual
Good being a Reuters article this instantly commands respect and trust. It highlights a very important aspect regarding low levels of vitamin D in pregnant women affecting that of their babies.

Lack of
Globe and Mail Canada
There has been a flurry of medical interest in vitamin D because of tantalizing hints that it plays a far wider role in promoting good health than just
Not sure based on a Canadian hospital study this is a well argued article regarding the potential for low levels of vitamin D in childhood leading to increased instances of cancers, MS and diabetes in later life. The problem is the research group monitored only 92 children.

Why You Should Be Getting More Sun
Forbes NY,USA
Supplements do work, but theres an even simpler way to get all the vitamin D you need: Spend a little time catching some rays. Exposing arms and legs to
Good if wed had an excellent category this would be in it. Supported by authority references and sites this is a highly informative and well written article. Put another way, if you want to know some basic but informative information on vitamin D read this.

Dairy vs. calcium supplements for bone health
NutritionData.com New York,NY,USA
In addition, it has been proven that calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium all play a role in each others absorption. If the rats were getting vitamin
Good but boring. Basically an article telling us to drink more milk, supported by references to research from Prudhoe University. Theres nothing wrong with this article it just doesnt tell you that much thats useful?

SID: Vitamin D Supplements No Help Against Melanoma
MedPage Today Little Falls,NJ,USA
They also collected data about vitamin supplement use over the preceding 10 years. Total vitamin D intake from both dietary and supplemental sources was
Good this article basically debunks the myth that taking a vitamin D supplement can stave off melanoma. So, in that respect it is very powerful article as its not trying sell you something on spurious evidence. However, being a proper scientific article it is also balanced enough to say that further research/testing is still needed.

7 Low-Cost Mothers Day Gifts Good for Moms Health
Health.com New York,NY,USA
Start with a multivitamin, calcium supplements, and vitamin D supplements. If you know your mom is trying to get more fiber, put some fiber supplements in
Bad Id go so far as to say I hate this article. Supposedly full of quotes form medical experts it is, in reality, one big advert to get you to buy health related products for your mom on Mothers Day. I fond the tone of this article quite patronizing.

The 4 Best Nutrients for Better Bone Health
Alternative Health Journal Santa Monica,California,USA
If youre not getting enough vitamin D in your diet, consider taking a supplement. Vitamin K is another vitamin that is vital for good bone health.
Not sure but in truth rather good! Yes, I know thats a contradiction, let me explain. This article has no authority references etc, so by our earlier definition cannot be good. But, it is a great little article clearly setting out what you should be doing to look after your bones.

Vitamin D Aids Colon Cancer Treatment and Survival
Natural News.com Phoenix,AZ,USA
Dr. Ng does not yet advocate vitamin D supplements as a prevention or treatment for cancer, however she says Definitive evidence that our results are due
Good highly reputable report and sources that indicate positive effects of high vitamin D levels and colon cancer recovery. This article also states that further research is required to make it an established clinical practice.

Got vitamin D?
Seattle Post Intelligencer USA
Many people take vitamin D supplements as part of their health routine, but without knowing what their current levels are, theyre shooting blind,
Good simply a good basic piece of information about maintaining good levels of vitamin D for healthy bones, backed up by references to established journals.

DHEA Hormone Replacement Increases Bone Density in Older Women
Newswise (press release) USA
The first group received the DHEA supplement, vitamin D and calcium for two years. The control group received a placebo, vitamin D and calcium for the first
Good supported by references to two university studies, this article advocates using the DHEA supplement with a vitamin D supplement to maintain healthy bones.

Vitamin D: Its Necessary, but Getting Enough of It Is Not
Washington Post United States
Evidence is mounting that many Americans, even newborns whose mothers
Good from the Washington Post and so it too has to command respect and trust. However, this is basically a re-write/re-hash of an article previously seen above.

Swine flu suspected in Sonoma County
Sonoma Index-Tribune Sonoma,CA,USA
In no way do they represent the view of www.sonomanews.com. Have you heard of the hormone called cholecalciferol? No? Its better known as vitamin D!
Bad despite having an authority link to a .gov site, this is bad because really its an article about swineflu. Vitamin D only gets mentioned in the blogs comments, supposedly by other readers, who then seem obsessed with it being a virtual cure for swineflu very suspicious.

Vitamin D Deficiency Increasingly Linked to Serious Illnesses
Natural News.com Phoenix,AZ,USA
According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, the recommended daily intake, or adequate intake (AI), of vitamin D in healthy adults under 50 is a mere 200
Good good references and a good article, if rather predictable. Nevertheless, the article does support the headline, even if it is stating the obvious regarding vitamin D deficiency.

Neutracuetical Company Releases Vitamin D Enhanced HeartShot
PR Web (press release) Ferndale,WA,USA
Dwight Lundell, MD and Chief Medical Officer for Asantae announced the release of its Vitamin D enhanced HeartShotTM supplement for help in the prevention of
Not sure you cant fault the authenticity of the author or what the article says, its just that well what is it saying? It reads more like the introduction to a pharmaceutical seminar than a web article.

The dirt on dietary supplements
Los Angeles Times CA,USA
Lutein improves eye health. Calcium helps bones. Vitamin D is important for numerous body functions. And omega-3 fatty acids can boost heart health.
Good written in the LA times with FDA material quoted in it. Unfortunately it does go a bit over the top, lumping all health and vitamin supplements together as things to be treated warily.

National Osteoporosis Awareness Month
Gant Daily Clearfield,PA,USA
Calcium-fortified foods and calcium supplements can provide this essential mineral for those who cannot or will not consume dairy products. Vitamin D is
Not sure could be harsh and this article could well be worth a good. Written apparently by medical practitioners it sets out the basics of good bone health. Unfortunately it doesnt tell us anything about the headline itself?

Millions face serious health risks over lack of vitamin D in diets
Daily Mail UK
The report, published in the Journal of the British Nutrition Foundation and funded by the Health Supplements Information Service, shows that in the UK 71
Good the UK paper it is taken from is known for being rather sensationalistic in its reporting. However, this article, backed up by good authorities makes some interesting points about obesity and vitamin D retention and the effective use of vitamin D by our bodies.

Schoolboy petitions msps over vitamin D link to MS
Times Online UK
apparently initiated by a lack of vitamin D. The World Health Organisation said that vitamin D supplements should be tested in Scotland sooner rather
Good this article informs us about levels of vitamin D and the illness commonly referred to as MS. Coming from the Times of London, with WHO and Oxford University authority citations it cant really be faulted.

Troubling record trails doctor treating autism
Chicago Tribune United States
And earlier this year, reviewing the lab results of an autistic patient with her family, he suggested she take a vitamin D3 supplement, which he happened to
Good no getting away from the standard of writing or the authority with which this is written. This very interesting article is about a doctor, who advocates using vitamin D as a treatment for autism. The article doesnt pull any punches a good read indeed.

In avoiding sun, you might be missing
Hutchinson News Hutchinson,KS,USA
However, it is generally safe to take a vitamin D supplement. I often recommend 1000 to 2000 international units of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) each day
Not sure a good read, supposedly written by a doctor, but no proof or other supportive material readily viewable. Having said that, like many other articles covered here, it is a good one to read for information about taking vitamin D supplements.

Forbes NY,USA
If vitamin D supplements can help reduce the effects of aging on the brain, the health implications could be significant because many people,
Good based on an article in a reputable journal and university research this meets all the criteria for being classed as good. Mainly discusses vitamin D helping to ward off brain degeneration, I guess you can take your pick between vitamin D and caffeine on this one.

Tips for a healthy summer
Richmond Times Dispatch Richmond,VA,USA
The American Academy of Dermatology, concerned about skin cancer, urges folks to get the vitamin D they need from food and vitamin supplements and not sun
Bad merely mentions vitamin D in passing, in an article more about taking care of yourself during the summer months.

Atlanta Journal Constitution GA, USA
He noted that appropriate vitamin D levels can be restored and maintained through diet and supplements. More research into the link between vitamin D and
Good but thats not to say I like this article. Plenty of authority support, but the angle it takes blaming low vitamin D levels for the development of some cancers. If you read the article low levels of vitamin D are just one of many contributing factors.

Vital Choice
Emediawire (press release) Ferndale,WA,USA
The fast-growing evidence behind Dr. Weils comments affirms vitamin D as a uniquely powerful health-promoter, and prompted the American Public Health
Good but not necessarily a great article. Has all the right authority links and gets across the message about having good levels of vitamin D. But it is really just an advert for one vitamin D product.

WPTV West Palm Beach,FL,USA
The womens health initiative was a large study of 36000 women who were randomly assigned treatment to calcium with vitamin d supplements or a placebo
Good this article is based on the findings of a large group study that would seem to establish a reduced risk of breast cancer in women maintaining high levels of vitamin D.

May is osteoporosis prevention month
Morganton News Herald Morganton,NC,USA
Vitamin D is very important and, if taken with calcium, it helps the body absorb the calcium supplement, she added. Increasing your dairy intake along with
Not sure on the face of it this seems an OK story, based on information from a medical center clearly keen to get women in their for bone scans. However, the writing has some appalling grammar in it, making me wonder who exactly wrote this piece?

Is calcium supplementation effective?
Food Consumer Lisle,IL,USA
Wednesday May 27, 2009 (foodconsumer.org) For the last five years, there has been some controversy over whether or not calcium and vitamin D supplements
Good not necessarily one that the vitamin D lobbyists would want to read, but a good one. Basically, backed up with research, it says that a well balanced diet and bone strengthening exercises are all that many women need to do to protect their bones.

Vitamin D Gaining Ground as Protection Against Heart Disease, Cancer
Alternative Health Journal Santa Monica,California,USA
Fill out your vitamin D intake with a supplement, keeping in mind the researchers in the know are not hesitant to reach 1200 IU per day.
Bad why, because this is a re-write of re-writes etc. Albeit based on perfectly reasonable sources, it simply doesnt say anything new or differently to hundreds of other articles on vitamin D. If theres nothing new to say do we really need the same old stuff repeating?

Is vitamin D the new wonder supplement?
Times Online UK
There is increasing evidence that if we do just that our health may suffer in other ways. The reason is vitamin D, an essential nutrient almost wholly
Good if ever you were in doubt as to the possible benefits of taking vitamin D, then read this. The paper its from is authority enough, let alone the references it cites.

Low vitamin D levels may impair thinking
Reuters USA
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) New research suggests that low vitamin D levels in the body are associated with thinking or cognitive impairments in older men
Good not a fantastically revealing article of anything new, but it is from Reuters so you can read it with 100% confidence.

Scripps News Washington,DC,USA
Future Pitt studies, she said, will help determine whether vitamin D supplements can reduce infant mortality and other health problems affecting mothers and
Good no doubting the authority of this article, which is an interesting one for women considering pregnancy.

Sport Specific Performance selects The Media Group to handle PR
WorldGolf.com Flagstaff,AZ,USA
We are confident that there is no better dietary supplement on the market for optimal health and features exclusively designed to increase your performance
Bad related authority links in this article are weak and not in abundance. It is clearly an article trying to persuade sportspeople to take vitamins and supplements in general.

Vitamin D a hero?
Daily Comet Thibodaux,LA,USA
Adequate vitamin D levels are best achieved with a combination of diet (consumption of oily fish), supplements and short intervals of 10 to 15 minutes a day
Bad words almost fail me on this one. Starts off saying how wonderful vitamin D could be in combating all manner of ills only to finish with almost glee that the author cant wait to be able to disprove all the good things about vitamin D. Very perplexing.

Be Sun Smart This Summer and Protect Your Skin
HealthNewsDigest.com New York,NY,USA
Get vitamin D safely through a healthy diet that includes vitamin supplements. Dont seek the sun. Avoid tanning beds. Ultraviolet light from the sun and
Good although it only mentions taking vitamin d as a supplement, it is stated in the context of protecting yourself from too much harmful UV sunlight.

Vitamin D: The Sports Vitamin? By: Mirabai Holland
Healthy Wealthy n Wise Kearneysville,WV,USA
Vitamin D2 -the kind thats found in fortified food and supplements and Vitamin D3 the kind you absorb from sunlight. Conventional wisdom was that Vitamin
Bad no supporting authorities, otherwise its not too bad as a pretty basic vitamin D article.

Vitamin D and Mental Health
PsychCentral.com Boston,MA,USA
In all this time, I have not seen one nutritional supplement that has the power to affect human health as much as vitamin D. This is because Vitamin D is
Good despite not exactly being strong on authority links, this is an interesting article to read for anyone wanting information about vitamin D and mental faculties. However, it does need a health warning in that it is clearly a blog in a site whose priority is to sell health supplements.

Potential Role of Vitamin D in Multiple Sclerosis
OUPblog New York,New York,USA
Vitamin D supplements are appropriate to restore their levels to within normal range. This should be considered a general medical recommendation simply to
Not sure supposedly based on a book written by a doctor, this one really does blatantly set out to sell you vitamin D tablets to combat MS. Oh yes, the reference to OUP has nothing to do with the Oxford University Press.

High doses of vitamin D could cut relapse rate among MS sufferers
Times Online UK
Fears that not enough is known about the possible side effects of vitamin D supplements were countered by evidence presented at the annual meeting of the
Good great source and lots of authority references. Although another article on vitamin D and MS, this one actually has something to say about current research in to it.

How avoiding the sun to protect against skin cancer has left
Daily Mail UK
my vitamin D levels were so low I was immediately called back in for an intramuscular injection and prescribed a daily calcium/vitamin D supplement.
Good but this is a very journalistic tabloid type of tale about someones journey finding out about osteoporosis. Thin on authority references, but the source is a proper journalistic one.

Study: Soaking Up Rays May Produce Bigger Babies
Miller-McCune.com Santa Barbara,CA,USA
Instead, Tobias was quoted in a press release, Pregnant women might consider talking to their doctor about taking vitamin D supplements, particularly if
Good another article regarding pregnancy and vitamin D levels, this time that high vitamin D in the mother means a bigger and heavier baby. All backed up with good authorities, apparently its as much to do with summer babies and the sun, meaning winter pregnancies should take a vitamin D supplement.

Shining some light on tanning bed controversy
Pocono Record Stroudsburg,PA,USA
What you get from the sun or tanning bed, you cant get from a vitamin D supplement. Advanced Dermatology Milford is at 303 W. Harford St., Milford.
Bad no true authority references, only ones to non-medical agencies. Even worse, this one actually promotes using sun tanning beds as a way to get your vitamin D. Not a good idea at all!

Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia
Natural News.com Phoenix,AZ,USA
(naturalnews) Researchers have found that low serum levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk for host of health problems ranging from
Good well written with appropriate authority references. But, personally I dont like it. The inference here is that Alzheimers and dementia awaits anyone who lets their vitamin D levels slip.

Home >> Articles >> Stop Taking Dangerous Drugs and Learn The
Alternative Health Journal Santa Monica,California,USA
You should also take a probiotic supplement to ensure proper digestion. Vitamin D is essential in many health areas, and your digestion is no different.
Bad utterly devoid of expert/authority links. However, it does raise a new point regarding vitamin D that of its importance to the digestive system.

A balance of nutrients essential to physical and mental
Canada.com Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Vitamin D made it to the top in 2007 after the Canada Food Guide began recommending a daily supplement of 400 international units for people over age 50.
Bad which is unfortunate as this is actually quite a good and well written article. Unfortunately the authority/medical references just arent good enough. Having said that, it does have some really useful information in it.

Vitamin D deficiency related to many diseases
fwdailynews.com Kendallville,IN,USA
Vitamin D supplements are relatively safe. To reach vitamin D toxicity, the serum level needs to be at 150 ng/mL or above. This serum level would likely
Not sure written by a doctor, but without any cross-referencing to other sources. A good basic introduction to vitamin D and health related issues.

HEALTH OPTIONS Vitamin D can protect against many diseases
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Honolulu,HI,USA
So, those following the advice of most dermatologists need to obtain vitamin D from foods and supplements. Q: How much vitamin D is best for good health?
Not sure a nice article, but the medical authority behind the answers isnt strong. I do like the Q & A format, an especially refreshing change to the ones that simply set out to lecture you.

While the Dangers of Sun Exposure are Widely Understood Americans
PR Newswire (press release) New York,NY,USA
Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Somer explains, In addition to dietary sources, a supplement with vitamin D, such as VIACTIV(R) Calcium Soft Chews,
Not sure if you want an article trying to sell you a sun block, read it. However, if you want information about the wider benefits of vitamin D dont bother.

MS march to shine light on need for vitamin supplement
Scotsman United Kingdom
By Adam Morris CAMPAIGNERS were set to go on the march in Edinburgh today calling for the widespread introduction of a vitamin D supplement in a move they
Good although this is really a news story about folk in Scotland wanting to raise the profile of vitamin D with the Scottish government and it lacks any medical authority, it is from a reliable source. It also serves to highlight the power of all the research, past and future, into this vitamin.

The Skin Cancer Foundation revises daily intake for vitamin D
Othello Outlook Othello,WA,USA
There are three sources of vitamin D: exposure to UVB radiation, certain foods and vitamin D supplements. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun and
Good although written by a doctor there is only just enough to accept this in the good category. However, it does give excellent, but easy to read, information on the role of the suns UV light and our bodies producing vitamin D.

Vitamin D linked to successful weight loss
Examiner.com USA
Future studies will look at whether supplementing with Vitamin D can enhance weight loss. While taking a Vitamin D supplement is not going to magically melt
Bad despite being naturally skeptical about Enquirer articles, this one really does take the biscuit. Based on a comment, rather than a report, that obese people have vitamin D deficiencies, surprise considering their diets not, it infers that vitamin D could be seen as a slimming aid!

Low Vitamin D Linked to Pregnancy Infection
Medfinds Seattle,WA,USA
Consider having your vitamin D levels checked. If your levels are low, your health care practitioner can recommend a vitamin D supplement.
Not sure Im simply not sure as to the medical veracity of the references. However, it is a well written piece and informative. Was June 2009 national bacterial vaginosis month? The number of articles on vitamin D and BV in this month would make it seem so.

Vitamin D deficiency afflicts high percentage of population
Lawrence Journal World Lawrence,KS,USA
I dont generally recommend a lot of vitamin supplements, he said. But, to my knowledge, there has been nothing negative about taking vitamin D for
Good simply another good all round vitamin D article.

How shunning the sun could put your
Monsters and Critics.com USA
One solution to the deficiency problem is the vitamin D supplement but how much can we safely take without overdosing and risking liver damage?
Good -this one makes the point that its not just a US problem, as reportedly up to 60% of the Hong Kong population might be vitamin D deficient because of deliberately keeping out of the sun.

Brigham study to test vitamin D, fish oil supplements
Boston Globe United States
It would be wonderful if something as simple as a vitamin D pill could narrow that health gap. Women over 65 and men over 60 with no history of cancer or
Good no doubting the strength of the authority links and references here. If youre in the Boston area this is a chance to sign up for a study looking into vitamin D levels and the health of women, particularly African-Americans.

Vitamin D prevents falls, helps improve strength
Examiner.com USA
Before you take vitamin D supplements, you should consult with a knowledgeable health-care provider. If he or she suspects you have a vitamin D deficiency,
Bad the whole premise of this article is spurious. Vitamin D prevents falls it announces, based on records of those attending hospitals after falls. Being from the Enquirer they never thought people with high vitamin D may well fall, just not need to go to hospital afterwards for treatment!

You dont need to take your vitamin D with foods that contain fat
Chicago Daily Herald Chicago,IL,USA
But when it comes to vitamin D, getting it from fortified cereal and skim milk, from fortified juice, or even from a supplement not consumed with food
Bad this is really a diet article rather than a vitamin and health supplements one.

Utah is a risk for a vitamin D deficiency
Examiner.com USA
you can maintain a health vitamin D level through modest sun exposure, eating vitamin D rich foods and by taking a vitamin D supplement. Holick MF.
Bad whilst the vitamin D information is OK why pick on Utah? I dont know those pesky Examiner reporters!

Huge Vitamin D study planned
Private MD Brentwood,TN,USA
Were hoping to see a result during the trial, that we wont have to wait five years to find out if supplements help, Manson said. Vitamin D is good
Not sure the article announces a national study into vitamin D levels and general health things like diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Which is, of course, good. The problem is it only hints that this study will be based in Boston, but could be anywhere. Which means it might be the same one as described above about African-Americans.

Jarrow Formulas, Inc. to Unveil Childrens Natural Health Products
PR Web (press release) Ferndale,WA,USA
Yum-Yum D3TM Liquid delivers 200 IU of vitamin D3 per drop. Vitamin D3 is essential for children in promoting healthy bones, teeth, brain and immune system.
Bad so bad I nearly gave it a good. Almost an unashamed advert for childrens vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D Testing: What the Government Giveth, It Taketh Away
DARKDaily.com Laboratory News Spicewood,Texas,USA
With another hand, the federally-funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding a large, multi-year study to assess the effect Vitamin D supplements
Good worthy of excellent. Authority links abound in this informative article about vitamin D from oily fish and supplements.

UW Research Finds Athlete Vitamin D Levels Wobbly; General Public
University of Wyoming News Laramie,WY,USA
We need to take supplements or get it from our diet. Low vitamin D levels affect calcium absorption, which affects bone health and strength.
Good simply a good informative article on vitamin d from a University website.

Delicious Ds, Ways to Get More Vitamin D in Your Diet
EmpowHer Phoenix,AZ,USA
Fish has the best bang for your buck when it comes to vitamin D. According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements,
Bad indeed horribly bad, unless youre looking for recipes.

Vitamin D and Fish Oil Time to Put Up or Shut Up
Singularity Hub Palo Alto,CA,USA
Starting in January of next year, they will recruit men over the age of 65 and women over 60 to take daily supplements and report on their health.
Good very well written article that is again referring to the upcoming national study into vitamin D levels and the nations health.
Vitamin D Essential for Body
Larry and Julie Mayo say the liquid Vitamin D supplement is best absorbed by your body and it can be found at any local health food store.
Bad I suppose its a nice enough and chatty article, but the medical support to it is weak at best.
Vitamin D offers many health benefits
Herald Times Reporter Manitowoc,WI,USA
Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna also have vitamin D. However, we can also get vitamin D through supplements. Our skin makes vitamin D from the
Bad which is a shame really as this is a great little article regarding vitamin D basics. But, theres no authority links or references.

Big US study will test vitamin D, fish oil
Tehran Times Iran
Two of the most popular and promising dietary supplements vitamin D and fish oil will be tested in a large, government-sponsored study to see whether
Good this article, out of Iran, actually and ironically explains fully whos behind the impending national vitamin D study, mentioned in previously reviewed articles here.

New study to explore vitamin D deficiency in blacks
San Jose Mercury News CA, USA
The study, which begins in January 2010, will be the largest yet directly assessing the health effects of these supplements. Researchers will be enrolling
Good another informative article about the national study into vitamin D levels, with special reference to African-Americans.

Sun Suggestions From the Skin Cancer Foundation
The Epoch Times New York,NY,USA
While The Skin Cancer Foundation is clearly aware of the fact that vitamin D is important, it recommends that we get this through diet and supplements.
Bad this is OK as a basic vitamin D article and it does start off being quite open that its penned from another source. Unfortunately it looks like its just been copy/pasted as theres some rather obvious code included in it.

The You Docs Tip of the Day: The sun isnt always the enemy of health
IdahoStatesman.com ID,USA
Or, use sunscreen and rely on vitamin D supplements. Take 1000 IU of D-3 every day if youre under age 60; and 1200 IU a day if youre over 60.
Bad the initial message regarding not using sun-beds or doing too much sunbathing is good, the rest is OK but theres no authority references at all.

While the sun shines: Debating D: Study sees growing epidemic of
Modern Medicine Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
Vitamin D (should) be obtained through a healthy diet and vitamin supplements and not through unprotected ultraviolet exposure, says American Academy of
Good but only because it has plenty of authority behind it. Otherwise theres nothing to make this article stand out form the hundreds/thousands of other ones on vitamin D.

Healthy ways to start your day
Examiner.com USA
According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a multi-vitamin and a Vitamin D supplement is a great way to make sure youre getting all the nutrients
Not sure definitely not bad, as it does have medical references. But it is really more a lifestyle article that mentions vitamin D in passing.

These women are fighting heart disease are you?
Arizona Republic Phoenix,AZ,USA
Include omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in food and supplement form. • Exercise. Any is good, including walking, dancing, swimming, even playing with your
Good excellent article about vitamin D levels and the incidence of heart disease in women.


Finally, we know you need calcium as well as vitamin D for healthy bones - but dont go eating a limestone rockface!

Finally, we know you need calcium as well as vitamin D for healthy bones - but dont go eating a limestone rockface!

Wed be interested to hear from you exactly how much you agree with our thoughts and comments about vitamin D articles on the internet. just in case youre wondering of the 100 articles listed here: 53% were awarded a Good category and only 28% were classed as Bad, the rest being Not sure. So, overall and in our opinion the majority of articles about vitamin D on the internet are good, reliable and informative; which should be quite reassuring but remember to look out for good references in anything you read about vitamin D and your health.

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