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No sooner does summer seem to be over than we start thinking about preparing ourselves for the colder weather to come. Never mind enjoying the Fall for all those glorious colors, its straight in to worrying about how to keep your circulation going – especially if you live in a northern state and snowfalls can be expected anytime around early October. So heres some tips on health supplements you can take to help increase your circulation. However, remember to consult your physician if youre already taking prescribed drugs/medicines.

Blood circulation.

The signs of poor blood circulation.

The signs of poor blood circulation.

There are two types of blood circulation you need to be concerned about – blood flow stimulation and dilating blood vessels to aid blood circulation. Without getting into any drug prescriptions to aid your blood flow try making teas from the health supplements Cinnamon, Ginger, Ginko or Rosemary; all of which are traditional herbal remedies for poor blood flow. When it comes to dilating blood vessels, making them bigger, to ease the flow of blood through them – you need something to relax the muscle cells in the linings of the artery walls. It can also help to relax the musculoskeletal cells that could otherwise constrict veins and your lymphatic vessels. Here you want a daily 200mg dose of Magnesium mineral supplement and L-Arginine, an amino acid, 500mg three times a day between meals for up to one month.

Inflammation and circulation.

If you suffer from systemic inflammation then your circulation will be poor, so any anti-inflammatory health supplements will be of help here. So that means Omega-3 fatty acids to inhibit those fats in your body causing the inflammation. Along with the inflammation youre probably experiencing pain too, so if you dont want to use prescribed pain killers try 300mg Devils Claw tablets three times a day or have tea drinks made from ginger, turmeric or green tea itself. Also, theres Boswellia, a tree resin extract – take a 150mg tablet of boswellic acid three times a day. To be taken on an empty stomach are health supplements that will improve your circulation by breaking down the inflammatory agents in your blood stream, these are enzymes like Bromelain Papain.

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