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Youve only got one liver so its well worth spending a little time and money on looking after it. To look after your liver is really quite easy all you have to do is eat a well balanced diet, keeping fatty foods to a minimum, and to only drink alcohol in moderation. If, either through a hereditary disease, due to a previous illness or just bad luck – should you be experiencing problems with you liver is there anything you can do yourself to help to look after your liver? Or, indeed, even if your liver is currently quite healthy – what should you be doing to keep it that way?

Look after those liver cells.


Yellow skin and eyes can indicate liver disease

Although liver cells can regenerate themselves they will also die off, which can lead to chronic liver disease. The problem is that liver cells are prone to cellular oxidation where free radicals break down and destroy liver cells. The free radicals can get into your body by several ways including pollutants and toxins, disease, an over exposure to sunlight and even just by becoming stressed or through your regular diet. To neutralize the free radicals you need to eat foods containing anti-oxidants, like omega-3 oils. However, vitamins A, C and E are also powerful anti-oxidants, so taking those in the form of vitamin supplements will help reduce the risk of liver cell oxidation. Indeed, why not consider a multi-vitamin to boost your all round health too? You might also want to know that a vitamin D deficiency is often found in patients with chronic liver disease, all the more reason to consider a course of multi-vitamins, but do keep within the recommended doses.

Detox that liver.

If your liver is there to detox your blood – how can you detox your liver? Well, to help your liver to remove toxins in your blood a mixture of four vitamins will help to keep your liver in tip-top condition. These are vitamins: A (Beta Carotene), C, E and the vitamin B complexes. However, please be aware that if you already have a chronic liver complaint too much vitamin D and E, especially with an excess of Iron, could be harmful to you – so check with your physician first.

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