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An interesting study from Austria has made a direct link between the benefits of sun bathing and the male libido. Perhaps unsurprisingly it involves raising the levels of vitamin D in males, but that in itself is interesting as it is generally true that most of us feel somewhat friskier if the suns been out. Its clearly not just a question of through sunbathing and feeling nicely relaxed that both male and female libidos are raised but clearly, even if it is only for males, there is a new physiological benefit to us from the extra dose of vitamin D that we get from the sun.

Sunbathing and testosterone.

I think shed help most guys libido?

Apparently the Clinical Endocrinology study established in a sample of over 2000 men that those who werent deficient in vitamin D had higher levels of the sex hormone testosterone in their blood, than those who were vitamin D deficient; with both groups of mens testosterone levels dropping in the winter and peaking in the summer. Testosterone is not only essential to men either, in both men and women it is essential for maintaining good muscle strength and plays a part in bone density. So, the obvious conclusion here is that taking a health supplement to promote high levels of testosterone will not only improve a mans libido but will also improve their general body health.

Take care in the sun.

Needless to say the pc busy-bodies have been having their say too on this one, warning us not to over do being out in the sun for fear of risking skin cancers. Fair point it is true to say, but were not all incapable of knowing already that 20 to 30 minutes sunbathing is as good as hours and hours of it. Of course, if you have a very fair skin complexion then avoiding too much sun is to be recommended. So, all the more reason to use vitamin supplements and plenty of Omege-3 rich oils, to top up that testosterone. Alternatively of course you can try some of the preparatory health supplement libido enhancers.

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