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There comes in time in a womans life when she will enter the menopause, which can have varying affects from evening time hot flushes to an increase in body weight, depression and even to osteoporosis a decrease in bone density. In recent years hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been able to counter the worst effects of the menopause, but women are now increasingly wary of HRT due to potential safety issues of its use including breast cancer and heart attacks. So, what are the alternative menopause treatments?

Vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin A supplements are recommended to fight the menopausal effects of hot flushes, depression and fatigue. A vitamin A supplement will also help to counter the effects of osteoporosis, promoting healthy bones, as well as giving your immune system a boost to keep you in good health and fight off diseases.

Is this how you feel in the menopause?

Is this how you feel in the menopause?

Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D supplements are recommended for anyone with weak bones or joints. The risks associated with the menopause of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis makes it almost essential to have a vitamin D supplement in your diet to maintain the levels of vitamin D in your body. This is especially important for women who are unable to spend at least 15 minutes a day in the sun which can be particularly difficult for anyone living in northerly latitudes during the winter.

Vitamin E supplements.

Im afraid theres no kind way of putting this but, on average, if youre in your menopausal years then youre probably aged between 45 and 55 years and Im afraid you wont be getting any younger! When going through the menopause your body is sending you a remorseless signal that you are ageing which can feed in to any feelings of depression you might be having. One solution to this could be to take a vitamin E supplement to counter the ageing process. Vitamin E is a key factor in producing anti-oxidants to protect your body cells, helping to keep your skin looking fresh and young thereby helping you to feel good about yourself.

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