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Being overweight, or worse being obese, as we all know is not good for our general health let alone for our prospects of leading a long and fulfilling life. For those of us that are overweight or obese we all also know that the secret to losing weight is eating les and exercising more which are the only ways to lose that excess fat thats causing the weight problem. For most people its a long hard struggle to lose weight and so we all need a little help now and then. Which brings us to the latest in health supplements as an aid to dieting and weight loss, which is often associated with The Four Hour Body rapid fat loss guide, PAGG.

What is PAGG?

The PAGG diet supplement helps you to lose weight by reducing your body fat - this dramatically!

For some time now four health supplements in particular have been known to work well as slimming aids to people who need to lose weight. These are Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic acid, Garlic extract and Green Tea flavanols. However, the problem with buying those health supplements separately to help you lose weight is that they are only truly effective when used in exactly the correct amounts and proportions to one another. PAGG, or the PAGG stack as it sometimes referred to, is one pill that contains all of those separate ingredients in exactly the correct proportions to help you to lose weight which is why PAGG is rapidly becoming not only the worlds newest diet pill, but also a highly effective diet pill made from entirely naturally occurring health supplements.

How PAGG works.

In simple terms PAGG helps you to lose weight by helping your body to reduce the amount of body fat you carry. Policosonal does this by lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) whilst raising your good (HDL) cholesterol; the Garlic extract also helps your body to manage its levels of cholesterol. The Green Tea flavanols help to prevent your body from storing fat and the Alpha-Lipoic acid is an anti-oxidant that works to convert blood sugar into muscle glycogen, which again helps to lessen the amount of fat in your body. Watch out that you buy a correctly formulated PAGG stack as it should also contain a vitamin B complex (Biotin), which is necessary when using supplements containing Alpha-Lipoic acid.

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