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Takes more than 4 hours to get a body like this one.

Some Four Hour Body

There cant be many people these days that dont think they need to lose a few pounds in weight and/or improve both their body shape and general fitness levels. Well, if thats you, there are two products in dieting and weight loss that are currently taking the market by storm. They are The Four Hour Body by Timothy Ferris and a new way of taking some health supplements that will help you to lose body fat, commonly referred to as PAGG. Even better, when used together they create a really powerful combination to help you lose weight and get fit.

The constituents of PAGG.

Green tea a well known aid to fat loss.

Garlic, or more specifically extract of garlic, is well established as a health supplement that can help you to manage your cholesterol levels (fats in your blood). The usual recommended dosage for garlic extract supplement is 400 to 600mg a day. Green Tea Flavanols also work to reduce levels of fats in your body and blood, being a powerful anti-oxidant this time inhibiting fat storage in the body and removing fat cells from the blood. Getting the correct dosage of green tea flavanols a day is a tricky business. Each day you need to take in between 240 and 320 mg of the polyphenols, from the green tea flavanols, which are the active ingredient. In turn that amount of supplement needs to be taken as four drinks of green tea with meals, meaning you need to be quite careful how you prepare the green tea drink. A third health supplement known to be helpful in reducing body fat is alpha lipoic acid. Alpha Lipoic Acid is another anti-oxidant which works on your body metabolism to help you reduce your levels of body fat. It does this by readily converting blood sugar into muscle glycogen which helps to reduce the amount of fat that can be stored in your body. This same action can also be of benefit to those with an inclination to developing diabetes and its side effects. Alpha Lipoic acid is often taken as a 100 to 200mg capsule three times a day. Finally theres Policosonal, which quite simply reduces your levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) but can raise your levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Policosonal dosages vary from 10mg up to as much as 80mg, as prescribed by a physician. However, most people can easily tolerate up to 20 or 25mg of Policosonal a day.

PAGG stack all four supplements ready to take.

PAGG stack can help you to lose body fat and weight.

PAGG stack can help you to lose body fat and weight.

Above weve given you the basics as to whats in this new and exciting weight loss supplement. However, it must have struck you that it sounds rather inconvenient having to measure out all those ingredients and mixing drinks and remembering to take them etc. Which is precisely why the PAGG stack is one of the fastest selling weight loss supplements of all time. By ordering the PAGG stack youll be sent two containers containing capsules rich in the four fat busting supplements weve already described. In one container will be capsules that already have exactly the right amounts of garlic extract, green tea flavanols and alpha lipoic acid mixed in to them this is the AGG part of your PAGG stack and youll need to take one capsule four times a day. The AGG capsules will also contain a vitamin B complex, essential to helping you assimilate the alpha lipoic acid. The other container will have capsules of your Policosonal, this P in the PAGG stack, is a separate capsule as you only need to take one of these a day. Needless to say, do check with your physician that taking the PAGG stack wont interfere with any other medication youre taking or your general medical/health condition.

The Four Hour Body and PAGG.

The Four Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss

So, just how does the Four Hour Body fit in with the PAGG stack? The fact here is that Timothy Ferriss actually cites in his book The four hour body how using the PAGG stack can help you to lose body fat and, therefore, weight. His book covers a lot of topics to do with your general well being and performance including a chapter dedicated to Subtracting fat. As well as advocating the use of the PAGG stack and increasing your levels of activity/exercise to lose body fat youll learn his five rules for cutting body fat. Which, if you read the book, all goes to underline that the PAGG stack is no mere diet pill and that to lose weight and not put it all back on in no time at all you actually need to commit yourself to a new diet for life.

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