Phosphorus For Strength

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Youll read all sorts of articles on the internet bidding you to increase your intake of vitamin D and Calcium to strengthen your bones but do you have any idea how important the health supplement Phosphorus is for the strength of your bones and teeth? Quite simply, to ensure that you have strong healthy teeth and bones your body needs a certain amount of Phosphorus in order to help calcium build those bones and teeth, as well as playing an important role in supplying energy to all of your bodys cells.

Phosphorus more important than you might think.

Phosphorus is essential for strong bones as well as exercise

The often neglected mineral supplement Phosphorus is more important to your bodys physiology than most people might think or appreciate. The major benefit of Phosphorus is that it works with the calcium in your body to build bone matter and give you that strong skeleton so essential if you are to be able to exercise fully and properly. That same partnership between calcium and phosphorus is also crucial in making sure that your teeth are strong and healthy too. If youre feeling tired and run down again a lack of Phosphorus could be the cause. The reason for this is that Phosphorus is an essential component of ATP. ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is a molecule that boosts the energy in our cells by helping to convert the protein, carbohydrate and fats we eat into energy. Finally Phosphorus is an essential component of phospholipids, formed by combining itself with fats in the blood, working to ensure good structure and metabolism in our cell membranes.

Taking a Phosphorus supplement.

The recommended Phosphorus supplement dosage is just 550mg per day, for both men and women; and most multi-mineral and multi-vitamin supplements will include Phosphorus. Taking too much Phosphorus can have an adverse effect, in that it can deplete the level of Calcium in your body. So, do not exceed the maximum supplement dosage and if you have an underlying medical condition, especially ones such as kidney failure, burns or a bowel condition consult your doctor first.

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