Prostate Problems

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Being Prostate Cancer Awareness month in the USA it seems a good time to think about how you can avoid developing prostate problems, or, if you already are having problems with your prostate what can you do for yourself to try and prevent the symptoms getting any worse.

What are prostate problems.

Prostate problems will usually occur in males aged over 50 years and are due to an age related enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut and is located behind the bladder. Subsequently, if it becomes enlarged it can, amongst other things, put pressure on the bladder and urethra causing the urge to urinate to increase whilst trapping urine in the bladder. However, the enlargement of the prostate could be caused by a cancerous growth; hence if you suspect you have an enlarged prostate a medical opinion should always be sought. Another reason for having any prostate problem checked properly is that there is a condition called prostatitis, an infection causing inflammation of the prostate, which may require antibiotics to be treated

Problems with prostate?

Problems with prostate?

Combating prostate problems.

Whilst surgical procedures can alleviate and remove the problems caused by an enlarged prostate there are also some health supplements you can take and changes to your diet that you can make to help to alleviate the symptoms. The technical term for an enlarged prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH for short. One health supplement known to slow down the rate of growth of the prostate is the herb saw palmetto. Saw palmetto works by altering your hormone levels and reducing the degree of prostate swelling. A key mineral supplement to take is Zinc which will also help to reduce any swelling and a vitamin E supplement to help to protect the cells. Vitamin E is a well known anti-oxidant removing free-radicals that can damage your DNA. Finally ensuring that your diet is rich in fish oils will help to reduce the BPH symptoms, alternatively take a fatty-acid Omega-3 supplement.

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