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Not too surprisingly, and not before time, comes the news this week that the US FDA is cracking down on quack swine flu cures. With the bad weather approaching and the number of reported cases of the H1N1 flu virus bound to rise more and more people are looking on the internet for swine flu cures. Sadly that means that just like back in the days of the old wild west the quacks will be re-emerging from under their logs trying to sell their no doubt patented cures for swine flu.

Swine flu and Tamiflu.

Whilst there are a whole range of health and vitamin supplements that you can take to help boost your resistance to swine flu, or indeed any strain of the flu virus, even the FDA recommended drugs like Tamiflu can only be guaranteed to treat and reduce the symptoms of swine flu rather than necessarily preventing infection in the first place. Sadly, you should be warned that even buying Tamiflu over the internet could offer you absolutely no protection. The same as the quack medicine man with his touring wagon and bottles of colored water visiting the frontier towns of the 1800s, buying drugs like Tamiflu from some websites, especially could mean youre simply buying sugar pills or worse.

Would you buy a swine flu cure from him?

Do your research.

To avoid being duped into buying a quack online swine flu treatment you must carefully read exactly what the website is claiming the treatment or medicine can do. If it sounds implausible it almost certainly is. Also, be very wary of a website claiming to have the exclusive rights to sell some new miracle cure, unless its one of the approved FDA treatments it almost certainly isnt a cure, much less a miracle! One or two of the more far fetched swine flu cures that were being promoted by some unscrupulous web dealers was a UV light that destroy the swine flu virus and even a dietary supplement that claimed to be even more effective than a swine flu shot! Of course some online sellers that have incurred the wrath of the FDA might be guilty of nothing more than being careless with the wording of their advertisements. For example, whilst anything other than a biohazard air or water filter would be useless against the virus, using cleaning agents capable of killing swine flu viruses on kitchen or bathroom surfaces could be a good idea.

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