Rhythmic Hearts

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We all like to think that we have steadily beating and rhythmic hearts, when the reality is that at some time or other our hearts will literally skip a beat. For other people having an irregular heart beat is something that they are quite used to, with their hearts beating abnormally quickly or slowly for periods of time. These irregular heart beats are arrhythmias and should be investigated by a qualified medical practitioner. However, for those with an arrhythmia that isnt serious there are health supplements that can help to control them.

What causes arrhythmia?

In serious cases an arrhythmia can be attributed to coronary heart diseases, thyroid gland problems or even kidney disease. However, they can just as easily be due to a chemical imbalance in the body or even your lifestyle if youre a heavy smoker or drinker, drink a lot of caffeine or even if youre just stressed out.



Supplements that can help reduce arrhythmias.

For anyone without an underlying medical problem causing the arrhythmia the following supplements can be recommended. Magnesium and Potassium deficiencies are known to give rise to arrhythmias. So, taking a 200mg Magnesium supplement tablet twice a day could well help to reduce any symptoms, by assisting both the nerves that regulate your heartbeat as well as the heart muscles themselves to do their work properly. Potassium supplements can also be prescribed, but if you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables you should be getting enough of this mineral anyway. Some other natural health supplements you should try are Hawthorn, which can increase the flow of blood to the heart making it beat more strongly and fish oils, which are know to help in warding off heart disease. Astralagus is another herb to consider using; this has been found to have a stabilizing affect on heart beat rates, although so far the reasons for why it works havent yet been determined. Other proprietary health supplements to use include: coenzyme Q10, which can steady the hearts rhythm and amino acids like taurine and carnitine that increase the passage of oxygen to the heart.

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