Rubbish About Junk Food

This post was written by editor on May 25, 2011
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Here at Vitamins and Supplements were all for bringing you the latest news to do with vitamins and health supplements – but do you believe this rubbish about junk food? Apparently research coming out of a Taiwanese university claims that people who take vitamin supplements are more likely to gorge themselves on fast-food than those not taking supplements!

False sense of security.

Rubbish junk food!

The researchers claim that people taking vitamin and health supplements acquire a false sense of security believing that the vitamins and health supplements will protect them from the adverse effects of fast food – meaning that they then develop a proclivity towards over indulging in such food. If you think thats unlikely, the same researchers claim that people taking vitamin and health supplements are less likely to exercise, again having developed the belief that the supplements theyre taking will protect them! So, now if you take supplements youre just a couch potato heading towards obesity – I dont think so!

Whereas the reality is …

We actually think that this is a more likely scenario for people taking vitamin and health supplements. People take supplements because they appreciate that in some way their bodies are lacking in certain nutrients from their regular diet. In all reality people who take supplements will tend to be quite fastidious about both their diet and exercise programs. Now whilst it may well be true that some so called health foods can be quite calorific, anyone eating foods packaged as “health foods” will also be quite careful about reading the packaging and will monitor the calories they consume – not just eat some thing because its labeled healthy. Furthermore, its a fact that people aged 50 and over are more likely to take health and vitamin supplements; in the knowledge that as they get older they need to take more care of their bodies. Those very same people are, therefore, highly unlikely to negate the good of the supplements with a rubbish diet and no exercise – so take that you Taiwanese researchers!

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