Sports Supplements an overview

If youre serious about your sports and exercise then youll already know about the importance of regularly taking health and sports supplements. These supplements can be in the form of extra vitamins and minerals taken as pills, through to specially formulated food and drinks to add to your regular diet. Sports supplements are solely concerned with improving your sports performance. Taking the right sports supplements can help to keep you in general good health, ensuring that your training program doesnt get unnecessarily interrupted; and will also help your body to repair itself if you sustain a sports injury.

Muscle building supplements.

Muscle supplements will compliment your multigym work-outs

As soon as some people see a tag line like muscle building supplements they immediately think its all about the big power lifters that you can see on TV and at the Olympics; and that ultimately its going to lead to steroids. Well the fact of the matter is that its not just power-lifters that are either looking for, or in need of, muscle building supplements; and it certainly doesnt mean that steroids are being promoted. Not everyone that exercises regularly, nor even all sports people, want to have a body shape like a champion weight lifter. However, having good muscle definition, apart from simply making you stronger when carrying out a whole host of everyday tasks, will enhance your body shape and, therefore, help your self-confidence and self-esteem. Muscle building is mainly achieved by increasing the intensity of use of a muscle which then develops the muscle fibers. To maximize the muscle fibers development you also need to eat specific foods in specifically measured quantities, relative to your height and general weight.  These foods, muscle building proteins and nutrients, become the fuel by which the muscle builds itself and getting the right amounts of them on a regular daily basis can be difficult; which is, of course, where muscle building supplements really come in to their own. Protein supplements for muscle building are by far the most common ones being purchased. Although there are several products on the market Whey protein and Casein protein are hugely popular. Whey protein works by boosting the levels of amino acids in your body essential for building proteins; whilst Casein protein is rich in a particular amino acid glutamine and another substance casomorphin, which helps your body to properly absorb the amino acids.  Remember, these are all supplements that are all quite natural to us, adding to what is already in our bodies. Needless to say, for anyone undertaking a program of muscle building having a daily combined vitamin and mineral supplement pill would be recommended.

Body building supplements.

Using body building supplements can help you attain a great body shape and muscle definition

Now, although Im not exactly a 100 pound weakling, I dont want to get into an argument with any of you body building guys or indeed body building girls. However, I think its fair to say that a body builder is more concerned with body shape and muscle definition rather than necessarily improving their muscles to improve their sporting prowess? If you disagree with that then you can always let me know in the space below. Anyway, everything that was said above about muscle building can also be applied to body building. So, are there any body building supplements that are different to muscle building ones? The simple answer to that is yes; and one supplement in particular springs to mind. Body building is all about pumping iron or using weights if you wish. During a gym session this requires more and more energy getting to your muscles in order to work them harder. Taking a Creatine supplement will, amongst other things, help any body builder to work-out for longer, as it supplies short bursts of energy directly to your muscle fibers. Whilst Creatine enters the body naturally through the consumption of red meat and offal in your diet; taking a supplement of Creatine, at least on days when you dont have red meat, will help your performance.

Protein supplements for sports people.

Leaving aside body builders and those solely concerned with muscle building every sports person knows the importance of having proteins and complex carbohydrates in their diet. In the right amounts those two foodstuffs work together ensuring that you get an overall steady flow of energy, converting your food into glucose at just the right pace. The significance of this is that by burning your food at just the right pace you avoid producing insulin, meaning that there is less risk of your body storing food as fat. Protein supplement drinks are often designed to be high in protein and low in carbohydrate to help promote this regulated burning of your food, giving you more energy over a longer period of time to train and compete. Alternatively you can give your protein levels a boost by having protein bars as a snack food.

Other sports supplements.

Theres a fantastic range of sport supplement products out there to help you

To go along with super-foods there are, of course, super-supplements. Some of these will help to keep your body free from illness or disease whilst others will help to repair your body following injury. Making sure youre taking the right doses of daily vitamin supplements and minerals is a fairly basic thing to do and is easily achieved by taking one of the many combined vitamin and mineral pills. However, super sports health supplements are a little more difficult to define and can be more a matter of what an individual requires. For example coenzyme Q10. Taken as a 30 to 90mg dose a day this enzyme is mainly known as an anti-oxidant, mopping up those nasty free-radicals in our bodies. However, a positive side effect of it is that it also helps the body to process the foods we eat, producing more available energy for us to burn making us feel more energetic. If youve got low levels of coenzyme Q10 youre simply not getting all the potential energy out of your food, risking it producing fat! Preventing injuries and indeed curing them is important to any serious sports person. Taking a supplement of Glucosamine Sulfate can help to prevent and cure damage to cartilages and weight bearing joints, conditions that most sports enthusiasts will suffer from at some point. Even the humble Ginseng is a super sports supplement. Available in its natural root form or in capsules- Ginseng is renowned as an energy booster. However, dont take it last thing at night, as it can cause insomnia.

Testosterone supplements.

This sports supplement has deliberately been left to last as it is one of the more contentious ones. If you have a natural deficiency in testosterone, then taking a testosterone supplement will undoubtedly help your overall sports performance, let alone body building development. However, please be aware that the over-use, or unnecessary use, of testosterone can cause hair loss and acne or even worse testicular atrophy and gynaecomastia (man-boobs)!

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