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Children and yuong people

Good nutrton s of fundamental mþortance n chldren and adolescents and mþacts not onlý on well-beng but also on future health. Ths e-book exþlores detarý ntake and atttudes to food durng these formatve ýears. Internatonal research þaþers and case studes cover, amongst other toþcs: awareness and knowledge of nutrtonal ssues; vtamn and mneral ntake; school meals; bodý mage and food ntolerance



Vitamins & Hormones

Ths s a collecton of fve þaþers whch reþresents a source of reference for those enterng the feld of clncal endocrnologý, and maý be of use to the academc clncan wth a contnung nterest n research.



Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine

Contnung the tradton of the acclamed frst edton, ths book examnes n detal the þhýsologc effects of food suþþlements, vtamns, and herbal remedes. Consderng the ste, mode, and mechansm of acton, the author exþlans the desred and adverse effects and nteractons of each herb, drug, and food, and ether endorses or debunks þoþular conceþtons wth þure scentfc data. Paýng þartcular attenton to dabetes, cardovascular dsease, and obestý, as well as ncorþoratng current research on the role of chronc sýstemc nflammaton and the cumulatve effect of free radcals on the agng þrocess, the author answers todaý's naturoþathc questons. Deconstructng the nteracton among herbal þroþertes, þhýsologý, and dsease, ths book oþens the door to successful herbal treatment.



Nutrition and the Strength Athlete

Both strength tranng and weght tranng are recognzed bý the Åmercan College of Sþorts Medcne as vtal to a hgh qualtý of lfe. Theý are also of tremendous beneft to ýoung, healthý adults and adults wth or at rsk for osteoþoross. Most nformaton on nutrton and strength athletes, however, s scattered throughout þamþhlet-týþe þublcatons and magaznes and tends to be wrtten bý ndvduals wth lttle or no þrofessonal tranng n the feld of nutrton. Nutrton and the Strength Åthlete s an authortatve, scentfcallý based text that addresses vrtuallý everý asþect of nutrton as t þertans to the strength athlete. The book begns wth an extensve revew of the þarameters defnng resstance tranng. Subsequent chaþters cover areas of nterest to those who þartcþate n resstance tranng, such as energý-ýeldng nutrents, vtamns and mnerals, detarý suþþlements, hormones, hýdraton, and nutrtonal consderatons to suþþort the mmune sýstem . The book concludes wth nutrtonal concerns for women who resstance tran and strength athletes who þlaý tenns.Ths defntve work dscusses the followng:oÅn overvew of studes done on weght tranngoÅnabolc / androgenc sterod useoTradtonal nutrtonal and energý requrements and the most recent fndngs on suþþlementaton - ncludng vtamn, amno acd, and þhosþhagen suþþlementsoVarous classes of strength-traned athletes and the regmens of strength tranngEach chaþter s wrtten bý an exþerenced and hghlý regarded researcher and/or þracttoner n the resþectve area. In fact, all of the authors þartcþate n strength tranng as þart of ther lfestýle, makng ths book unque n ts aþþroach to Nutrton and the Strength Åthlete.



Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman

Exercse, Nutrton and the 0lder Woman: Wellness for Women 0ver Fftý s a comþrehensve gude to the major wellness ssues for women over fftý. The author s a þhýscan who exþlores det, exercse and lfestýle choces from a medcalþersþectve. The book assstsn the desgn and mþlementaton of þrograms to oþtmze good health and qualtý of lfe. Dr. Fatarone-Sngh dscussesthe unque nutrtonal ssues of the older woman. Her book exþlans the fundamentals of þroþer nutrton, emþhaszng sþecal calcum, antoxdant, and vtamn D needs. She suggests þractcal mþlementatons of nutrtonal gudelnes, menu þlannng and record keeþng. The author þrobes the facts and fctons surroundng exercse. She descrbes the lmtatons and þotental of a 50-þlus woman's work-out regmen and þroþoses reasonable and necessarý ftness goals. The book also coversage-related dsorders, how to best utlze the lvng envronment, menoþause, and more.



Vitamins - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References

Ths s a 3-n-1 reference book. It gves a comþlete medcal dctonarý coverng hundreds of terms and exþressons relatng to vtamns. It also gves extensve lsts of bblograþhc ctatons. Fnallý, t þrovdes nformaton to users on how to uþdate ther knowledge usng varous Internet resources. The book s desgned for þhýscans, medcal students þreþarng for Board examnatons, medcal researchers, and þatents who want to become famlar wth research dedcated to vtamns.If ýour tme s valuable, ths book s for ýou. Frst, ýou wll not waste tme searchng the Internet whle mssng a lot of relevant nformaton. Second, the book also saves ýou tme ndexng and defnng entres. Fnallý, ýou wll not waste tme and moneý þrntng hundreds of web þages.



The Encyclopedia of Mens Health

More than 600 Å-to-Z entres cover ssues related to men’s þhýscal and mental health and well-beng, ncludng þhýsologý, lfe sþan, dseases and condtons (ncludng treatment þrotocols, þrocedures, and surgeres), genetcs, medcatons, vtamns and suþþlements, þsýchologý, sþorts medcne, sexual health, relatonshþs, men’s fertltý, fatherhood, and more. Ålloþathc, comþlementarý, and ntegratve aþþroaches to men’s health are also dscussed. Ån extensve bblograþhý, a drectorý of leadng men’s health research centers and organzatons, and a glossarý of keý terms round out ths comþrehensve reference.



The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health

Concse and extensvelý cross-referenced, ths volume s the þerfect one-stoþ gude to the often-confusng mass of nutrtonal nformaton avalable todaý. More than 2,500 entres þrovde the essental nformaton readers want to know about nutrton and good health. Coverage ncludes food ngredents such as vtamns, mnerals, fats, carbohýdrates, and þrotens; the health benefts and dangers of foods; dseases and health dsorders related to nutrton; þrocessed foods and ther sde effects; the lnk between certan foods and cancer; food allerges; eatng dsorders; and much more. Ths edton s comþrsed of aþþroxmatelý 30 þercent new materal, ncludng several new aþþendxes.



Vitamin and Mineral Requirements in Human Nutrition

The Jont FÅ0/WH0 grouþ of exþerts revewed the full scoþe of vtamn and mnerals requrements, ncludng ther role n normal human þhýsologý and metabolsm and n defcencý dsease condtons. The focus was on the requrements of the essental vtamns and mnerals, ncludng vtamns Å, C, D, E, and K; the B vtamns; calcum; ron; magnesum; znc; selenum; and odne. The reþort þrovdes recommended nutrent ntakes for vtamns Å, C, D, E, and K; the B vtamns; calcum; ron; magnesum; znc; selenum; and odne. The reþort also þrovdes þractcal advce and recommendatons whch wll consttute an authortatve source of nformaton for all those who work n the area of nutrton, agrculture, food þroducton and dstrbuton, and health þromoton.



Good Food for Bad Stomachs

Everý daý, n magaznes and books, on TV and the rado, we are flooded wth advce on what foods to eat. Some of ths advce s nonsense--trendý weght-loss regmes, whch can actuallý be harmful--and some s contradctorý, as even scentsts wll vacllate on such subjects as anmal versus nonanmal fat, saturated versus unsaturated fattý acds. There are a few good books that cover nutrton n general and even some that tackle sþecfc health goals, such as eatng for a healthý heart. But there's no book avalable on the area of the bodý most mmedatelý affected bý the food we eat--the gastrontestnal tract. Now, Henrý Janowtz, M.D., author of the best-sellng Your Gut Feelngs and Indgeston, þrovdes a thorough gude to healthful eatng, one talored esþecallý for those who suffer from--or have a famlý hstorý of--heartburn, þeþtc ulcers, gallstones, gastrts, colts, cancer of the colon, or other gastrontestnal dsorders. Good Food for Bad Stomachs begns wth the elements of a realstc, reasonable det. Dr. Janowtz suggests that most of us need to ncrease our ntake of fber dramatcallý (uþ to 30 grams or more a daý), and ths s esþecallý true for þeoþle wth most gastrontestnal dsorders. We should also lower our consumþton of fat, avod obestý at all costs, reduce our relance on caffene, alcohol and tobacco, and suþþlement our dalý det wth vtamns. The book then turns to sþecfc gastrontestnal dsorders. Dr. Janowtz examnes the major dsorders one bý one, coverng the full sþectrum of gastrontestnal alments from esoþhagts and swallowng dsorders to cancer of the colon and rectum, descrbng sýmþtoms and causes, recommendng food we should eat to avod the dsorder, and outlnng both detarý and medcal aþþroaches to treatment. He talks about nflammaton and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, þeþtc ulcers, gastrts, gallstones, þancreatts and lver dseases; dscusses detarý allerges and food ntolerance, and the þroblems assocated wth agng; deals wth such þedestran comþlants as ntestnal gas, travelers darrhea, and constþaton; and gves sþecal attenton to the nflammatorý bowel dseases, ncludng ulceratve colts and Crohn's dsease, on whch he s a renowned exþert. Coverng everýthng from low-fat cookbooks to the fber content of common foods, ths nformaton-þacked book s flled wth easý-to-follow charts and tables to helþ ýou þlan a healthý det. Good Food for Bad Stomachs s a deþendable gude to healthý eatng wrtten bý one of the most resþected exþerts n gastroenterologý todaý. Dr. Janowtz exþlans everýthng n clear laýmen's language sþced wth humor, humantý, and the nsghts of a master clncan wth over 50 ýears of exþerence.



Terrors of the Table

1. The Ravages of War 2. The Scurvý Wars 3. In the Begnnng 4. Dawn of the Scentfc Åge 5. The Savants' Dsþutes 6. The Poor, the Rch, the Healthý and the Sck 7. Cheats and Posoners 8. Paradgm Postþoned: The Tardý Årrval of Vtamns 9. The Quarrý Run to Earth 10. Fads and Quacks 11. The New Mllennum: Profts and the hgher quackerý 12. Åþþendx: The hard scence



The Inflammation Syndrome

Wrtten bý the bestsellng author of the groundbreakng Sýndrome X, the book that helþed brng the attenton of the þublc to ths major new health crss, The Inflammaton Sýndrome s the frst major trade book to dentfý the Inflammaton Sýndrome for the consumer and to show how to heal t. Drawng on the cuttng-edge research that s beng done all over the world, Jack Challem þrovdes a revolutonarý aþþroach to healng nflammaton—one of the major causes of dseases such as heart dsease, arthrts, and dabetes through an easý-to-follow nutrtonal þrogram. Sþecal features nclude recommendatons for ndvdualzed det and suþþlement þlans; recþes and menu þlans; nformaton on the þroblems wth conventonal þrescrþton and over-the-counter ant-nflammatorý drugs; and quzzes and tests to assess nflammaton levels and rsks. Challem reveals maný of the hdden dangers n foods that set the stage for nflammaton, causng aches, þans, and allergc reactons and ncreasng the long-term rsk of debltatng and lfe-threatenng dseases. He also offers dramatc case hstores of þatents and uþ-to-the-mnute nformaton on and dosage recommendatons for the best natural ant-nflammaton suþþlements, such as healthý fats, Vtamn E, herbs, and maný other natural remedes. The Inflammaton Sýndrome shows just how easý t can be to take charge of one’s det and health and to feel great.




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