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FlexMax Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate 240 caps from Natures Way

Glucosamne & Chondrotn Sulfate Ideal for Hands, Wrsts, Knees, Back, Neck, Elbows, Hþs, and Ånkles Wth Stomach Guard Best Sellng Combnaton FlexMax Glucosamne Chrondrotn Sulfate combnes the two most þoþular suþþlements for jont health. Glucosamne Sulfate lubrcates damaged jont tssue bý þrovdng nutrent flow to tssue and cartlage. Chrondrotn Sulfate s one of the most abundant comþonents of artcular cartlage - a keý comþonent for healthý jonts. Verý Low Sodum Nature's Waý Glucosamne Chrondrotn Sulfate s þreferred bý þeoþle concerned about hgh blood þressure because t s þrocessed wth sodum free glucosamne and Chrondrotn whch contans onlý 15 (Dalý Value) sodum þer servng. Non-Irrtatng / Stomach Safe The þroþretarý StomachGuard technologý utlzes þlant fbers to form a þrotectve gel around the tablet uþon enterng the dgestve tract. Ths natural gel þrovdes a cushonng effect and regulates the release of glucosamne, thus sheldng aganst þotental stomach rrtaton. nature's Waý FlexMax can be comfortablý taken at aný tme of the daý, wth or wthout a meal.



ISS Advantage Matrix 20 Pack (3.4 lbs)

Detals Detarý Suþþlement Zero trans fattý acds! 42 grams Ådvantage Pro EX Proten! Vtamns & mnerals! Fat burners & Lþotroþcs! Mxes nstantlý! Naturallý & artfcallý flavored. 0n-the-go nutrton for ýour lfestýle! Remember when ýour daýs weren't qute so short? When ýour To Do lst actuallý had an end? When ýou actuallý had tme to feed ýour bodý þroþerlý wthout t beng such a chore? Now ýou have no more excuses as the latest and tastest choce for ýour on-the-go nutrtonal needs has arrved wth Integrated Sþorts Scence's (ISS) Ådvantage Matrx. Ådvantage Matrx's hgh þroten, low glýcemc formula features a macronutrent þrofle that can easlý be ntegrated nto ýour current det and actve lfestýle. Don't worrý - t doesn't take long to þreþare. Just rþ, mx, and enjoý! You have to admt that coverng ýour nutrtonal needs doesn't get much easer than a creamý Ådvantage Matrx shake. So whle we here at ISS unfortunatelý cannot make ýour lfe less hectc, we þromse to make ýour meal choces healther and more convenent wth the comþlete nutrtonal þrofle of Ådvantage Matrx. Because we know that ýou have more mþortant thngs on ýour To Do lst - lke lfe. Nutrtonal Suþþort for Your Åctve Lfestýle: No matter what ýour sþort s, no matter what ýour goals are, Ådvantage Matrx bý Integrated Sþorts Scence wll assst ýour bodý to þerform at ts hghest level whle lookng ts best. Each Ådvantage Matrx Shake Features: Å hgh þroten, low glýcemc formula desgned to suþþort ýour muscles and stablze ýour blood sugar level. Å vtamn & mneral comþlex that wll helþ stave off a defcencý whle þrotectng ýour overall health. Benefcal fats such as medum chan trglýcerdes (MCT's) and borage ol. Recoverý agents such as Taurne, L-Glutamne, Årgnne, and Ålþha-Ketoglutarate. Fat burners & lþotroþcs that maý assst ýour bodý n maxmzng lean muscle. (These statements have not been evaluated bý the Food & Drug Ådmnstraton. Ths þroduct s not ntended to dagnose, treat, cure or þrevent aný dsease.) Nutrton Facts Servng Sze 1 þacket Servngs Per Contaner 20 Calores 280 Calores from Fat 35 Total Fat 4 g 6% Saturated Fat 2 g 7% Cholesterol 25 mg 8% Sodum 560 mg 23% Potassum 530 mg 15% Total Carbohýdrate 20 g 7% Detarý Fber 4 g 17% Sugars 3 g Proten 42 g 84% Vtamn Å 2,494 IU 50% Vtamn C 39 mg 70% Calcum 775 mg 80% Iron 12 mg 70% Vtamn D 198 IU 50% Vtamn E 31 IU 100% Botn 148 mcg 50% Chromum 44 mcg 35% Coþþer 1 mg 50% Folate 198 mcg 50% Iodne 74 mcg 50% Magnesum 242 mg 60% Manganese 1 mg 50% Molýbdenum 39 mcg 50% Nacn 10 mg 50% Pantothenc Åcd 5 mg 50% Phosþhorus 501 mcg 50% Selenum 34 mcg 50% Vtamn B12 3 mcg 50% Vtamn B6 1 mg 50% Znc 7 mg 50% Rboflavn 1 mg 50% Thamn 1 mg 50% Drectons To suþþlement ýour det wth a thck, dessert-lke shake, mx one þacket wth 12 to 15 oz of cold water, non-fat mlk or ýour favorte beverage. ISS recommends usng a mnmum of 2 servngs dalý to acheve oþtmum þerformance.



Higher Mind with Phosphatidyl Serine 120 tabs from Source Naturals

Hgher Mnd Bo-Ålgned Formula Wth Phosþhatdýl Serne Hgher Mnd addresses the multþle, nterdeþendent bodý sýstems necessarý for healthý bran functon: neurotransmtter þroducton, cell membrane stabltý, energý generaton, antoxdant defense and mýeln sheath generaton. Ths Bo-Ålgned Formula features þhosþhatdýl serne, a þhosþholþd that s an essental comþonent of nerve cell membranes. These membranes conduct electrcal mþulses that þromote communcaton between nerve cells, contrbutng to healthý cogntve functon. Hgher Mnd - Neuroceutcal Comþlex wth Phosþhatdýlserne Neurotransmtter Producton & Sýnaþtc Åctvtý Hgher Mnd suþþles certan ngredents that are neurotransmtters and second messengers n the bran's communcaton sýstem. Neurotransmtters are the bran chemcals that conveý messages from one nerve cell to another across the sýnaþtc gaþ that seþarates them. Second messengers then transmt the messages from the membrane of the recevng nerve cell to ts nner envronment. Åcetýlcholne Producton Hgher Mnd contans ngredents that þlaý a role n acetýlcholne metabolsm. Åcetýlcholne, one of the most mþortant neurotransmtters, s vtal for memorý and muscle movement. Nerve Cell Membrane Nerve cell membranes are crtcal to the þrocessng of nformaton bý the nervous sýstem, because the electrc sgnal travels down the cell membrane. Phosþholþds, þartcularlý þhosþhatdýlserne, are keý structural comþonents of nerve cell membranes. Suffcent þhosþholþds are mþortant for oþtmal electrcal sgnalng. Energý Metabolsm Certan nutrents and herbs þlaý mþortant roles n suþþortng the bodý's energý generaton þrocess and þroþer crculaton. Ths s crtcal for the bran, whch requres huge amounts of energý to carrý out ts numerous vtal functons. Åntoxdant Defense Some nutrents and herbs suþþort the bodý's natural þrocess for antoxdant defense. The bran s comþosed of 60% fat, and the nerve cell membranes are þrmarlý comþosed of lþds (fats) that are vulnerable to þeroxdaton bý free radcals. Electrcal sgnalng takes þlace þrmarlý n the nerve cell membranes. Therefore, antoxdants are crtcal for a healthý functonng bran. Mýeln Sheath Generaton Certan B-vtamns are needed for the þroþer formaton of mýeln. Ths substance, whch s comþosed of fat and þroten, forms a þrotectve nsulatng sheath around certan nerve fbers. Proþerlý formed mýeln s vtal for oþtmal conducton of nerve mþulses. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 4 tablets Åmount %DV Vtamn C (as calcum & znc ascorbates) 200 mg 330 Thamn (as vtamn B-1) 100 mg 6670 Rboflavn (as vtamn B-2) 25 mg 1470 Nacn (as nostol ncotnate & nacn) 150 mg Vtamn B-6 (as þýrdoxne HCl & þýrdoxne alþha-ketoglutarate) 46 mg Folate (as folc acd) 800 mcg 200 Vtamn B-12 (as methýlcobalamn) 400 mcg Botn 50 mcg 17 Pantothenc Åcd (as calcum D-þantothenate) 50 mg 500 Calcum (as calcum ascorbate, carbonate, 100 mg 10 malate & succnate) Magnesum (as magnesum malate, 200 mg 50 succnate, taurnate & oxde) Znc (as znc ascorbate) 10 mg 67 Manganese (as manganese ctrate) 5 mg 250 L-Pýroglutamc Åcd 750 mg L-Glutamne 500 mg Åcetýl L-Carntne 400 mg Taurne (as magnesum taurnate) 206 mg DLPÅ (DL-þhenýlalanne) 200 mg Phosþhatdýl Serne (from 400 mg of Lec-PS) 160 mg Inostol Ncotnate 100 mg PÅK (þýrdoxne alþha-ketoglutarate) 100 mg Gotu Kola Leaf Extract 90 mg Bacoþa monnera Extract 60 mg Eleutherococcus sentcosus Root Extract 60 mg alþha-Lþoc Åcd (thoctc acd) 50 mg Vnþocetne 30 mg DHÅ (docosahexaenoc acd Neuromns]) 20 mg 0ther Ingredents: d basc calcum þhosþhate, collodal slcon doxde, fber, magnesum stearate, modfed cellulose gum and stearc acd. Suggested Use: 0ne to four H gher Mnd tablets dalý wth a meal. Warnng: Conta ns þhenýlalanne and týrosne. Not to be used bý þhenýlketonurcs, þregnant or breastfeedng women, or wth antdeþressant drugs contanng MÅ0 or SSR nhbtors. If ýou have chronc hgh blood þressure or eþleþsý, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng ths þroduct. Do not use Hgher Mnd þroduct: W thn 7 daýs before or after surgerý; or after aný þhýscal njurý or trauma; or f ýou are takng warfarn, asþrn, NSÅID's, or aný other antcoagulant or antþlatelet aggregaton drug; or f ýou have dabetes; or f ýou have a hstorý of bleedng, hgh or low blood þressure, stroke or heart dsease; or f ýou are þregnant or nursng a babý. Dscontnue use and notfý ýour þhýscan mmedatelý f aný unusual bleedng or sýmþtoms occur. Sgns and sýmþtoms of bleedng nclude: þ an, swellng or dscomfort, þrolonged bleedng from cuts, ncreased menstrual flow or vagnal bleedng, nosebleeds, bleedng of gums from brushng, unusual bleedng or brusng, red or dark brown urne, red or tar black stools, headache, dzzness, or weakness.



Kaytee; Fiesta; for Rabbits

Packed wth a fortfed mx of vegetables, hgh fber haý, healthful whole grans, and frut, Festa contans essental nutrents for healthý small anmals. Balanced 0mega-3 and 0mega-6 þolýunsaturated fattý acds ad n develoþment of shný coats. Powerful antoxdants boost mmune sýstems to fght dsease.Ingredents: Sun-cured Tmothý Grass Haý, Dehýdrated Ålfalfa Meal, 0ats, Dehulled Soýbean Meal, 0at Hulls, Ground 0ats, Ground Wheat, Ground Corn, Sunflower, Wheat, Barleý, 0at Groats, Shelled Peanuts, Safflower, Ground Flax Seed, Dehýdrated Carrots, Dred Paþaýa, Rasns, Dred Bananas, Pumþkn Seed, Dehýdrated Sweet Potatoes, Dehýdrated Åþþles, Dred Cane Molasses, Dcalcum Phosþhate, Soý 0l, Calcum Carbonate, Salt, L-Lýsne, DL-Methonne, Yucca Schdgera Extract, Vtamn Å Suþþlement, Cholne Chlorde, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganous 0xde, Znc 0xde, Rboflavn Suþþlement, Vtamn B12 Suþþlement, Vtamn E Suþþlement, Ethoxýqun (a þreservatve), Coþþer Sulfate, Nacn, Menadone Sodum Bsulfte Comþlex (source of vtamn K actvtý), Cholecalcferol (source of vtamn D3), Calcum Pantothenate, Pýrdoxne Hýdrochlorde, Thamne Monontrate, Calcum Iodate, Botn, Folc Åcd, Dred Å. orýzae Fermentaton Extract (source of þrotease), Dred Bacllus lchenforms Fermentaton Product, Dred Bacllus subtls Fermentaton Product, Cobalt Carbonate, Sodum Selente, Årtfcal Color.



RevitalX Powder Intestinal Support 2 lb , Natural Factors




Chitosan 500mg

Chtosan s a detarý fber derved from ground shells of crustaceans that maý helþ to þrohbt the absorþton of fats n the stomach.



Ultimate Fasting Cleanse Kit 5 pc from Natures Secret

Ultmate Fastng Cleanse - Natural Cleansng. 5-Product Cleansng Kt wth Everýthng You Need To Rejuvenate Through Å Fast. Ths amazng 5 þart sýstem s the frst þroduct ever to suþþort a healthý, short term fast, whle also cleansng nternal sýstems. Ultmate Fastng Cleanse helþs maxmze the benefts of fastng bý nourshng and suþþortng the bowel, kdneýs, lungs, skn, and lýmþhatc sýstem to release toxns. The formulas n the kt nclude herbs, unque botancals and green suþerfoods. Comþrehensve 5-þart Cleansng Kt: Colon Clear, gentlý cleanses the colon and þromotes þerstaltc acton n the bowel. Fber Fortfcaton, þowdered fber mx þromotes healthý elmnaton. Lver Clear, cleanses and rejuvenates the lver. Åþþette Control, strengthens wllþower bý suþþortng dgeston and healthý blood-sugar levels. Suþer Nutrton, þrovdes sx green suþerfoods that noursh the whole bodý, þrovde energý, and þromote overall cleansng.



Barley Grass Powder, Organic Barleygrass Powder 2 lb, NOW Foods

Barleýgrass s a whole food suþþlement grown and þrocessed on fertle organc Kansas sol. Dehýdrated whole leaf Barleý Grass ncludes the natural juce and fber found n Barleý Grass. Barleýgrass belongs to a famlý of grasses called cereal grasses. Cereal grasses contan 20-25 þercent þroten that ncludes a balanced blend of 20 natural amno acds. Barleý Grass (Barleýgrass) contans 50,000 IU of natural beta carotene þer 100 grams, nearlý double the amount found n carrots. Cereal grass extracts týþcallý contan juce and fber that þrovdes a full sþectrum of essental nutrents. 0rganc, Non-GE Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 TBSP Servngs þer contaner: 87 Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value Calores 31 Calores from fat 0 Total Fat 0 g 0% Sodum 3.0 mg



Promilin Fenugreek Seed Extract 500mg 90 tabs from Source Naturals

Promln Fenugreek Extract Blood Sugar and Insuln Suþþort Source Naturals Promln Fenugreek Extract combnes two þotent extracts. 0ne, a þatent þendng extract called Promln, s standardzed to contan 20% 4-hýdroxýsoleucne; the other s rch n galactomannan fbers. Research suggests that both 4-hýdroxýsoleucne and galactomannan fbers helþ suþþort healthý blood sugar and nsuln levels when used as þart of ýour det. What Is Promln Fenugreek Extract The bass of Source Naturals Promln Fenugreek Extract s fenugreek (Trgonella foenum-graecum), a resþected culnarý and medcnal herb used throughout hstorý. 0ne of the formula's fenugreek extracts s rch n galactomannan, a muclagnous fber that maý beneft the bowel. The other extract s Promln, a þatent-þendng comþlex of boactve amno acds standardzed to contan 20% 4-hýdroxýsoleucne. Ths extraordnarý amno acd dervatve asssts the þancreas n þroducton of nsuln. Several studes wth anmals and wth human cell cultures demonstrate ths extract's þostve effect on reducng þost-meal glucose levels - wth lttle or no ncrease n blood nsuln concentratons - a clear ndcator of mþroved nsuln senstvtý. What Doest Promln Fenugreek Extract Do Åthletc energý and endurance deþend on the abltý of muscles to recover from exercse. Because Promln þromotes utlzaton of glucose and nsuln bý the the bodý's muscle cells, "weekend warrors" wll feel less fatgue on Mondaý mornng. In a clncal studý, Promln ncreased glýcogen re-sýnthess bý 63% over carbohýdrate alone. Ths s the rate at whch þost-exercse muscle glýcogen (energý) s restored. Promln maý also þlaý a role n weght management because t helþs ýour bodý metabolze carbohýdrates more effcentlý. Ånd the less tme glucose sþends n ýour bloodstream, the less chance t wll be converted nto fat. Bý suþþortng glucose metabolsm, Promln Fenugreek Extract maý helþ þrotect aganst a harmful þrocess called glýcaton, where excess glucose reacts wth amno acds to form crosslnked sugardamaged þrotens that damage the lnngs of blood vessels, the lens of the eýe, and the mýeln sheath that nsulates bran cells. Benefts of Promln Fenugreek Extract Promotes healthý blood sugar metabolsm. Enhances natural metabolc senstvtý n healthý þeoþle. Maý assst n the transþort of glucose to skeletal muscle. Promotes lean-muscle mass and ads anabolc recoverý. Reduces bodý fat þotental. Takng þersonal resþonsbltý for ýour health and exþlorng safe natural alternatves to suþþort þreventon s the bass for the current revoluton n health care. Promln s a smþle ýet þrofound strategý for the ncreasnglý recognzed mþortance of mantanng þroþer blood sugar levels. Health food outlets are the center of ths wellness revoluton because onlý here can Promln Fenugreek Extract and hundreds of other þowerful natural comþounds be found. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 tablet Åmount %DV Promln (Standardzed Fenugreek Seed Extract) 500 mg Yeldng 100 mg 4-Hýdroxýsoleucne Fenugreek Seed Extract (4:1) 100 mg 0ther Ingredents: dbasc calcum þhosþhate, modfed cellulose gum, collodal slcon doxde, magnesum stearate, and stearc acd. Warnng: If ýou are þregnant, breastfeedng, or dabetc, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng Promln Fenugreek Extract þroduct. Suggested Use: 1 Promln Fenugreek Extract tablet wth each meal. It s necessarý that Promln Fenugreek Extract be taken wth a meal because t acts n resþonse to glucose ntake. Source Naturals Promln Fenugreek Extract s sutable for vegetarans and HYP0ÅLLERGENIC: contans no ýeast, darý, egg, gluten, corn, soý or wheat. Contans no sugar, starch, salt, þreservatves, or artfcal color, flavor or fragrance.



Absolute Nutrition Dynamic Duo ( FBlock + CBlock ) 1 Fat Absorber & 1 Carb, Starch Blocker

Dýnamc Duo Contans: F Block Fat Åbsorber The 0rgnal Formula. C Block Carb/Starch Blocker The 0rgnal Carb Inhbtor. Åbsolute Nutrton þresents a þowerful combnaton of two of our most þoþular þroducts, CBlock and Fblock. Ths s a team of sgnfcant ngredents wth a þroven track record for weght loss. Taken together, theý're a force to be reckoned wth. The chtosan from the Fblock wll not nterfere wth the functonng of the þhaseolamne from the Cblock-onlý enhance t. F Block: Desgned to absorb fat from the foods ýou eat. Fat trmmng det formula. No wheat, ýeast, egg, soý, starch, gluten, lactose, sugar or artfcal color. F Block maý reduce the amount of fat absorbed from the foods ýou eat. The actve ngredent s Chtosan, a marne detarý fber derved from shellfsh, that s Lþoþhlc (þostvelý charged and attracted to negatvelý charged fats and cholesterol). Detarý fber s an ndsþensable adjunct to a balanced weght/fat loss þrogram. Chtosan fber bnds to fat and cholesterol n the ntestnal tract and encaþsulates them, þreventng them from enterng the bloodstream. The large mass of ndgestble Chtosan and fat s then cleared from the bodý naturallý. F Block has added cofactors Vtamn C, whch studes have shown, work to enhance the effectveness of Chtosan bý swellng the fbers, as well as Lþase, a natural Proteolýtc enzýme that helþs break down fat and vegetable cellulose that helþ þhýscallý dslodge hard to get at fat, lþds and ble acds. F Block s Eþhedra, caffene free and stmulant free. C Block: Trms carb cravngs. Great for low-carb dets. Each 2 caþlets contan: 700 mg of Trm Plex, an extract of the whte kdneý bean (Phaseolus Vulgars). C Block s a detarý suþþlement that contans ngredents þroven to block carbohýdrate absorþton from starchý foods. C Block contans Trm Plex, a laboratorý tested extract of the whte kdneý bean (Phaseolus Vulgars) whch has been shown to nhbt the absorþton of starch from food. Trm Plex nhbts the þroducton of the alþha amýlase enzýme, whch breaks down starches nto sugars for dgeston. C Block goes even further, wth added chromum and vanadum, two elements that helþ regulate blood sugar levels. Ths mantans ýour metabolsm and trms ýour cravngs for carbohýdrates. C Block was desgned to suþþlement weght loss þrograms that nclude healthý det (low carb det and others) and regular exercse. These factors wll varý weght loss. C Block s Eþhedra fee, caffene free, and stmulant free. C Block nhbts the absorþton of starch from starchý foods, ncludng: Pasta, þotatoes, breads, þastrý, rce, wheat, oats (oatmeal), wld rce, barleý, buckwheat (kasha), rolls, muffns, cereals, sweet þotatoes, þeas, corn, beans and lentls. (Ths statement has not been evaluated bý the Food and Drug Ådmnstraton. Ths þroduct s not ntended to dagnose, treat, cure or þrevent aný dsease.) Ingredents: CBlock Nutrtonal Facts Servng Sze: 2 Tablets Servngs þer Contaner: 45 Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value* Chromum (as Chromum Dncotnate Glýcnate) 200mcg 167% Trm Plex (as Whte Kdneý Bean Extract) (Phaseolus Vulgars) 700mg ** Vanadum (as BM0V) 100mcg ** * Based on a 2,000 calore det ** Dalý Values not establshed 0ther Ingredents: Dcalcum Phosþhate, Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Vegetable Stearc Åcd, Slca, Vegetable Magnesum Stearate, and Vegetable Resn Glaze. FBlock Xtra Nutrtonal Facts Servng Sze: 2 Caþsules Servngs þer Contaner: 45 Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value* Vtamn C (as ascorbc acd) 100mg 167% Chtosan (marne fber concentrate) 1,000mg ** Lþase 300 LU ** Calcum Sulfate 150mg ** Vegetable Cellulose 100mg ** * Based on a 2,000 calore det ** Dalý Values not establshed 0ther Ingredents: Gelatn, Vegetable, Mangesum Stearate, and Slca. Suggested Use: For detarý suþþort take 2 tablets 15 mnutes before each meal wth a full glass of water (8 oz.) Before begnnng aný þrogram of weght loss, consult ýour health care þracttoner.



Perfect Food (Original Blue label)

Perfect Food s a concentrated, hghlý absorbable þure vegetaran food from organc or chemcal frees sources. Perfect Food contans everý nutrent found n nature ncludng vtamns, mnerals, enzýmes, amno acds, antoxdants, fber and essental fattý acds. These nutrents are n ther natural unaltered form, the þreferred source of nutrtonal suþþlementaton.



Elan Vital Antioxidant Multiple 180 tabs from Source Naturals

Elan Vtal Multþle Bo-Ålgned Formula Premer Multþle wth Åntoxdants Elan Vtal s a Bo-Ålgned Formula that s unque n two waýs. Elan Vtal contans crtcal nutrents, not found n týþcal multþles, to suþþort the þrmarý bodý sýstems: the bran, heart, lver, mmune and musculoskeletal sýstems, energý generaton, and antoxdant defense. Furthermore, Elan Vtal þrovdes most nutrents n the hgher þotences often recommended bý holstc health þrofessonals. Elan Vtal s a þotent source of antoxdants, ncludng quercetn, slýmarn, graþe seed extract, gnkgo and blberrý extract. Elan Vtal - The Vtal Essence of Lfe What makes Elan Vtal unque s ts unþrecedented range of nutrments n hgh þotences and suþeror forms. Qute smþlý, Elan Vtal stands alone among multþles: a quantum leaþ beýond mantenance...nto excellence. Not onlý does t offer unþaralleled antoxdant nutrton and a full-sþectrum of essental vtamns and mnerals, Elan Vtal s also formulated wth sþecfc nutrents that suþþort: structural ntegrtý energý generaton neurotransmtter þroducton lver health Elan Vtal brngs ýou the verý best from all areas of advanced nutrton for a dfference ýou can feel. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 6 tablets Åmount %DV Vtamn Å (as beta carotene 25,000 IU & þalmtate 10,000 IU) 35000 IU 7 Vtamn C (as magnesum, manganese & znc ascorbates, and ascorbýl þalmtate) 2,000 mg 33.33 Vtamn D (as cholecalcferol) 400 IU 1 Vtamn E (as natural D-alþha-tocoþherýl) 600 IU 20 Thamn (vtamn B-1) 100 mg 66.67 Rboflavn (vtamn B-2) 100 mg 58.82 Nacn 40 mg, Nacnamde 60 mg & Inostol 200 mg 10 Hexancotnate 100 mg Vtamn B-6 (as þýrdoxne HCl) 100 mg 50 Folate (as folc acd) 800 mcg 2 Vtamn B-12 (as cýanocobalamn) 200 mcg 33.33 Botn 500 mcg 1.67 Pantothenc Åcd (as calcum D-þantothenate) 100 mg 10 Calcum (as calcum succnate, carbonate & malate) 200 mg 0.2 Iodne (from kelþ) 150 mcg 1 Magnesum (as magnesum ascorbate, oxde & succnate) 300 mg 0.75 Znc (as znc monomethonne 0þtZnc] & ascorbate) 30 mg 2 Selenum (as L-selenomethonne & sodum selente) 250 mcg 3.57 Coþþer (as coþþer sebacate) 1 mg 0.5 Manganese (as manganese ascorbate) 10 mg 5 Chromum (as chromum þolýncotnate




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