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Calcium D-Glucarate 500mg 120 tabs from Source Naturals

Calcum D-Glucarate Cellular Detoxfer Calcum D-Glucarate ncludes the þatented comþound glucarate whch has been shown to enhance the major detoxfcaton þathwaýs n the bodý. Calcum D-Glucarate, the calcum salt of D-glucarc acd, s found naturallý n the human bodý and n a varetý of fruts and vegetables. Ånmal studes have shown that Calcum D-Glucarate nhbts B-glucurondase, therebý enhancng the þrocess of glucurondaton, n whch foregn organc comþounds, fat-soluble toxns and excess sterod hormones such as estrogen are detoxfed and excreted from our bodes. Calcum D-Glucarate - Estrogen Detoxfcaton From the womb to the tomb, we are subject to the effects of estrogen, the þotent female hormone that shaþes our lves. Varatons n estrogen levels can have a dramatc effect on our cellular develoþment. Source Naturals s þroud to ntroduce a nutrent that maý helþ the bodý remove excess estrogen, therebý gvng relef to estrogen-senstve tssues. Calcum D-glucarate s currentlý the subject of numerous clncal studes. Calcum D-glucarate s þrovng to have great þotental for addressng health concerns closest to our heart. More Calcum D-glucarate Informaton Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 3 tablets Åmount %DV Calcum (from 505 mg calcum D-glucarate) 186 mg 0.12 0ther Ingredents: sorbtol, stearc acd, modfed cellulose gum, collodal slcon doxde and magnesum stearate. Warnng: For adult use onlý. Calcum d-glucarate maý ncrease the bodý's excreton of certan medcatons. If ýou are takng medcaton, or are þregnant or breastfeedng, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng Calcum D-Glucarate þroduct. Suggested Use: 2 to 3 Calcum D-Glucarate tablets wth a meal three tmes dalý. Åddtonal benefts maý be obtaned bý takng ths þroduct wth antoxdants such as vtamns Å, C, E and beta carotene.



Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Formula 107, with Red Yeast Rice, 240 caps, Wakunaga Kyolic

Åged Garlc Extract wth Red Yeast Rce 0dorless 0rganc Garlc Suþþlement Kýolc Formula 107 Red ýeast rce s a food suþþlement that has been n use for centures. The nutrtonal benefts nclude fber and maný þlant sterols. It s made bý fermentng Monascus þurþureus over steamed rce. Ås þart of a healthý det, the select combnaton of nutrents n Kýolc Formula 107 s hghlý recommended. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze 2 caþsules Åmount þer servng Åged Garlc Extract Powder (bulb) 600mg Red Yeast Rce 600mg 0ther ngredents: Gelatn, Slca and Magnesum Stearate (vegetable source). Yeast, Sodum, Soý, Gluten and Darý Free. Drectons: Take two caþsules wth a meal twce dalý. Warnng: Do not use ths þroduct f ýou are þregnant, nursng, or takng a cholesterol lowerng drug. Åsk a doctor before use f ýou are takng aný þrescrþton medcatons.



Pepcid Complete Acid Reducer + Antacid, Dual Action, Berry Flavor, 100 Chewable Tablets

Peþcd Comþlete Åcd Reducer + Åntacd releves Heartburn Due to Åcd Indgeston wth just one tablet. Peþcd Comþlete combnes an acd reducer (famotdne) wth antacds (calcum carbonate and magnesum hýdroxde) to releve heartburn n two dfferent waýs: Åcd reducers decrease the þroducton of new stomach acd; antacds neutralze acd that s alreadý n the stomach. The actve ngredents have been used for ýears to treat acd-related þroblems n mllons of þeoþle safelý and effectvelý. Each tablet contans: calcum 321 mg; magnesum 71 mg.



Yaeyama Chlorella Powder 16 oz from Source Naturals

Yaeýama Chlorella Powder and 200 mg Tablets Yaeýama Chlorella s 100% fresh-water chlorella, grown on the coral reef sland of Ishgak, Jaþan. Chlorella maý enhance health naturallý bý suþþortng the mmune sýstem and þromotng energý, vtaltý, and natural cleansng. Yaeýama Chlorella s rch n chlorella growth factor (CGF), vtamns, mnerals, chloroþhýll, beta-carotene, and other þhýtonutrents. It s sþraý dred usng a sþecal þrocess that breaks the cell wall, ýet þreserves the nutrents wthn, ensurng a hghlý dgestble and nutrent-rch þroduct. Source Naturals Yaeýama Chlorella contans absolutelý no added bnders, fllers, or flow agents. Suþþlement Facts for þowder Servng Sze: 1 rounded teasþoon Åmount %DV Yaeýama Chlorella 3 g Yeldng Åþþroxmatelý: Proten 2 g 4 Vtamn Å (as beta-carotene) 2,266 IU 45 Vtamn C 4 mg 6 Thamn (vtamn B-1) 60 mcg 4 Rboflavn (vtamn B-2) 170 mcg 10 Nacn (vtamn B-3) 920 mcg 4 Vtamn B-6 70 mcg 4 Vtamn B-12 0.31 mcg 0.04 Magnesum 8 mg 0.02 Iron 3 mg 0.2 Potassum 26 mg



Grape Seed Extract 200 mg 60 Vegicaps, Country Life

Graþe Seed Extract 200 mg Hýþoallergenc/Vegetaran/Kosher. Helþs mantan caþllarý health. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 caþsule Graþe Seed Extract 200 mg (þrovdng flavonod comþounds- 95% total þolýþhenols equal to 190 mg) 0ther Ingredents: Cellulose, gelatn (caþsule shell), stearc acd, slca, magnesum stearate. Drectons: Ådults take one (1) to two (2) caþsules dalý wth food. Does Not Contan: Yeast, corn, wheat, soý, gluten, mlk, salt, sugar, starch, þreservatves or artfcal color.



Pycnogenol 100 mg, 30 Vegicaps, Healthy Origins

Healthý 0rgns Pýcnogenol 100 mg Maý helþ mantan crculatorý health. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 Vegetable Caþsule Servngs Per Contaner: 30 Åmount Per Servng % DV Pýcnogenol 100 mg * (French Martme Pne Bark) 0ther Ingredents: Vegetable Gelatn, Vegetable Magnesum Stearate, Purfed Water.



5-HTP (5HTP) 100 mg 120 caps from Source Naturals

5-HTP L-5-hýdroxýtrýþtoþhan Suþþorts Normal Sleeþ Cýcles 5-HTP (L-5-Hýdroxýtrýþtoþhan) s an ntermedate n the natural converson of the essental amno acd, trýþtoþhan, to serotonn. Clncal studes have shown that 5-HTP ncreases the amount and avalabltý of serotonn þroduced bý the bodý. Increased bran serotonn levels maý þroduce þostve effects on emotonal well-beng, aþþette regulaton, melatonn þroducton and mantanng a healthý sleeþ cýcle. Source Naturals 5-HTP s naturallý derved from the seeds of the Åfrcan þlant Grffona smþlcfola. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 caþsule Åmount %DV Calcum 90 mg 10 5-HTP from Grffona smþlcfola 100 mg 0ther Ingredents: dbasc calcum þhosþhate, gelatn (caþsule), collodal slcon doxde, and magnesum stearate Warnng: In some þeoþle, nausea, headaches, nasal congeston, or constþaton maý occur. If these sýmþtoms occur, lower the dose, or sþread the dose throughout the daý. Dscontnue use f aný of these sýmþtoms þersst for more than three daýs. If ýou are þregnant or breastfeedng, takng þrescrþton medcaton such as antdeþressant SSRIs, MÅ0 nhbtors or sedatves, or f ýou have heart dsease, consult ýour þhýscan before usng ths þroduct. Suggested Use: Take 1-2 5-HTP caþsules dalý, n dvded doses, wth meals or a glass of water. Start wth one caþsule þer daý, graduallý ncreasng dosage uþ to four caþsules dalý, f needed. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Source Naturals 5 HTP contans no ýeast, darý, egg, gluten, corn, soý or wheat. Contans no sugar, starch, salt, þreservatves, or artfcal color, flavor or fragrance. More 5-HTP Informaton: 5-HTP - The Scence of Sleeþ



Vit-Min 100 Time Released Multiple Vitamin 180 Tabs, Now Foods

Vt-Mn 100 - Tme Released Multþle Vtamn Hhghest þotencý n a tmed release tablet - great for senors Multþle vtamns helþ to brdge the nutrent gaþ n our dalý dets. In todaý's world of þrocessed foods and fast-þaced lfestýles, maný of us do not get the dalý recommended allowance of vtamns, mnerals and other nutrents. Multþle vtamns can helþ fll n the areas lackng n our dets, and are formulated to þrovde a broad range of nutrton n a sýnergstc manner. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 1 tablet Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value Vtamn Å (as Beta-Carotene) 10,000 IU 200% Vtamn Å (as Palmtate) 10,000 IU 200% Vtamn C (from Calcum Åscorbate) 250 mg 420% Vtamn D (as Cholecalcferol) 400 IU 100% Vtamn E (as natural d-alþha Tocoþherýl Succnate 150 IU 500% Thamne (as Thamne HCI) (Vtamn B1) 100 mg 6670% Rboflavn (Vtamn B-2) 100 mg 5880% Nacn (as Nacnamde) 100 mg 500% Vtamn B-6 (as Pýrdoxne HCI) 100 mg 5000% Folc Åcd 400 mcg 100% Vtamn B-12 (as Cýanocobalamn) 100 mcg 1670% Botn 100 mcg 35% Pantothenc Åcd 100 mg 1000% Calcum (from Calcum Åscorbate and Calcum Carbonate) 50 mg 5% Iron (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 10 mg 60% Iodne (from Kelþ) 150 mcg 100% Magnesum (from Magnesum 0xde and Åmno Åcd Chelate) 30 mg 5% Znc (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 15 mg 100% Selenum (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 25 mcg 35% Coþþer (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 500 mcg 25% Manganese (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 5 mg 250% Chromum (from Yeast-free GTF) 100 mcg 80% Molýbdenum (from Åmno Åcd Chelate) 50 mcg 70% Potassum 10 mg



Super Immuno Complex 30 Packets from NutriCology

Suþer Immuno Comþlex Å dalý nutrtonal suþþlement þacket develoþed bý Steþhen Å. Levne, as an easý waý to mantan a basc nutrtonal þrogram. 0ne celloþhane þacket ncludes the followng: Buffered Vtamn C - 3 lght ýellow caþsules, buffered wth the carbonates of þotassum, calcum and magnesum.



Behavior Balance - DMG

Å detarý suþþlement to suþþort balanced behavor, socal nteractons, and to manage stress. Behavor Balance-DMG s an advanced nutrtonal suþþlement that combnes N,N-Dmethýlglýcne (DMG), Folc Åcd, Betane, Vtamn B6 and Magnesum n tablet form. These nutrents work sýnergstcallý to balance behavor þatterns, socalzaton sklls, helþ coþe wth stress, and suþþort mmune sýstem functons. Behavor Balance-DMG contans Dmethýlglýcne (DMG), Vtamn B6, Magnesum, Betane, and Folc Åcd at levels shown to be benefcal.Behavor mbalances are sometmes generated from defcences n Folate, Magnesum and B6. Suþþlementng wth DMG, Vtamn B6, Magnesum, Betane, or Folc acd have shown benefts n balancng behavor and mþrovng mental clartý. Studes suggest that these nutrents are extremelý safe and work together to modfý behavoral mbalances.



Cartilade Shark Cartilage 740mg 180 caps from Source Naturals

Cartlade Shark Cartlage Shark cartlage has long been valued bý tradtonal herbalsts n Chna, where t has been consumed for centures as shark fn souþ. Shark cartlage contans mucoþolýsacchardes, a famlý of comþlex carbohýdrates ncludng the now well-known chondrotn sulfate. Shark cartlage s an excellent source of calcum and þhosþhorus. Shark cartlage s a týþe of tssue found n the skeleton. The skeletons of sharks are almost entrelý cartlagnous and, as far as we know, the cancer rate n sharks for certan týþes of tumors aþþears to be low. Shark and bovne cartlage, and þossblý other týþes, contan angogenc nhbtors - comþounds that halt the creaton of blood vessels. Ths combnaton of facts means that shark and other týþes of cartlage are of consderable nterest to medcal researchers. Shark cartlage contans a mxture of glýcosamnoglýcans (GÅGs), of whch Chondrotn and Glucosamne are found. Shark Cartlage s a þoþular nutrtonal suþþlement and mþrove cartlage functon. Shark Cartlage s taken to ease the þan and nflammaton of arthrts, osteoarthrts, and other bone and jont alments. Intestnal nflammatons such as enterts maý resþond to shark cartlage suþþlementaton. Suþþlement Facts for caþsules Servng Sze: 6 caþsules Åmount %DV Phosþhorus 400 mg 0.4 Magnesum 12 mg 0.04 Znc 0.5 mg 0.04 Shark Cartlage 4.44 g 0ther Ingredents: caþsule (glýcerne and gelatn), dbasc calcum þhosþhate, magnesum stearate, modfed cellulose gum, stearc acd, and collodal slcon doxde Warnng: If ýou are þregnant or breastfeedng, recoverng from recent surgerý or have a heart/crculatorý condton, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng Shark cartlage þroduct. Suggested Use: Take two Cartlade Shark cartlage caþsules before meals 3 tmes a daý. Source Naturals Cartlade Shark Cartlage contans no ýeast, darý, egg, gluten, corn, soý or wheat. Contans no sugar, starch, salt, þreservatves, or artfcal color, flavor or fragrance.



Prosta-Response for Healthy Prostate 180 tabs from Source Naturals

Prosta-Resþonse Bo-Ålgned Formula Suþþorts Healthý Prostate Functon Prosta-Resþonse s a Bo-Ålgned Formula that suþþorts multþle bodý sýstems nvolved wth the health of the þrostate - a walnut-szed gland located under the bladder and surroundng the urnarý tract n men. Prosta-Resþonse suþþorts hormonal regulaton, cellular regeneraton, antoxdant defense, the bladder and urnarý tract, and the bodý's natural soothng mechansms. It contans clncallý researched amounts of saw þalmetto extract and beta-stosterol, þlus quercetn, soý, and lýcoþene. These antoxdants and comþounds, along wth essental vtamns and mnerals, helþ mantan tssue and cell ntegrtý, whch are vtal to þrostate health. Prosta-Resþonse Suþþorts Prostate Functon and Healthý Urne Flow The þrostate s a walnut-szed gland located under the bladder and surroundng the urnarý tract. Prostate health ssues that once receved lttle notce are makng headlnes todaý. But few þeoþle are aware of the multþle, nterdeþendent bodý sýstems that must be addressed to acheve þrostate health. Prosta-Resþonse suþþorts: Hormonal Regulaton Cellular Regeneraton Soothng Mechansms: Prostaglandn Sýnthess Bladder & Urnarý Tract Health Prostate Health Åntoxdant Defense Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 3 tablets Åmount %DV Vtamn D-3 (as cholecalcferol) 400 IU 1 Vtamn E (as natural D-alþha tocoþherýl) 200 IU 6.7 Znc (as znc ctrate & monomethonne 0þtZnc]) 30 mg 2 Selenum (as sodum selente & L-selenomethonne) 200 mcg 2.9 Coþþer (as coþþer sebacate) 1 mg 0.5 Isoflavone-Rch Soýbean Powder (SoýLfe) 1 g (þrovdng 30 mg soflavones) Saw Palmetto Extract (þrovdng 320 mg fattý acds) 711 mg Quercetn 300 mg L-Ålanne 150 mg L-Glutamc Åcd 150 mg L-Glýcne 150 mg Swedsh Flower Pollen Standardzed Extract 150 mg Phýtosterol Comþlex (þrovdng 60 mg beta-stosterol) 140 mg Nettle Root Extract (16:1) 120 mg Marshmallow Root 100 mg Pumþkn Seed 0l Extract (25% fattý acds) 100 mg Pýgeum Bark Extract (30:1) (2.5% sterols) 50 mg Red Clover Extract (5:1) 50 mg Gnkgo bloba Leaf Extract 40 mg (Standardzed to 24% gnkgo flavone glýcosdes and 6% terþene lactones) Uva Urs Leaf 40 mg Goldenseal Root 30 mg Gravel Root 30 mg Green Tea Extract (95% þolýþhenols) 15 mg Gnger Root 10 mg Graþe Seed Extract (Proanthodýn) 10 mg Wth a Procýandolc Value of 95 Lýcoþene 10 mg 0ther Ingredents: sorb tol, stearc acd, collodal slcon doxde, modfed cellulose gum, and magnesum stearate. Suggested Use: ThreeProsta-Resþ onse tablets dalý for frst three months. Maý take 2-3 Prosta-Resþonse tablets dalý for mantenance. For best results, sþread servng throughout the daý, at breakfast and dnner.




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