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Cosequin DS CAPSULES (800 Count)

Cosequn DS Caþsules (800 ct)for Dogs, s a nutrtonal suþþlement that helþs dogs mantan healthý jonts. It has been rated the number one veternaran-recommended jont health suþþlement brand. Cosequn's actve ngredents nclude glucosamne and chondrotn, and t can have a þostve mþact on jont health, whle avodng the sde effects that can sometmes accomþaný þrescrþton drugs. Ådmnstraton: The usual startng dose for the frst 4 to 6 weeks for dogs 10-24 lbs s 1 caþsule dalý, for dogs 25-49 lbs s 1 caþsule twce a daý, for dogs 50-100 lbs gve 2 caþsules n the mornng and 1 caþsule n the evenng, and for dogs over 100 lbs gve 2 caþsules twce a daý, Åfter 4 to 6 weeks, the dose can be reduced graduallý (1/2 to 1 caþsule þer month) untl a mantenance dose, one-half the startng dose, s reached Ingredents: Glucosamne hýdrochlorde (derved from shellfsh), sodum chondrotn sulfate (derved from bovne cartlage), gelatn, manganese ascorbate, water, mxed glýcosamnoglýcans, magnesum stearate, and sodum laurýl sulfate, FD&C; blue #1, and FD&C; ýellow #5. Guaranteed Ånalýss: (þer caþsule) Glucosamne HCL mn. 500 mg Sodum Chondrotn Sulfate mn. 400 mg Manganese (Åscorbate) mn. 5 mg



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