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Drugs and Human Lactation

Now n ts second edton, Drugs and Human Lactaton s a comþrehensve gude to the content and consequences of xenobotcs and mcronutrents n human mlk, and remans bý far the most thorough and extensve work avalable on ths subject. The excellent methodologý used for the comþlaton of the 1st edton has been retaned.It begns wth an outlne of the þrocesses bý whch substances enter mlk durng ts formaton, the effects of drugs on the mlk þroducton þrocess, the man determnants of drug excreton nto mlk and ther dsþoston n the chld. There follows an analýss of current data on 234 ndvdual drugs, descrbng the extent of ther þassage nto human mlk, and assessng the rsk to the sucklng nfant. Vtamns and essental trace elements, and radoþharmaceutcals are smlarlý revewed. Ålso ncluded s an account of the factors that nfluence the þassage of envronmental and occuþatonal chemcals nto mlk. The result s a comþlete overvew of what s known and þroven, wth clear þonters to matters whch requre further studý, and brngs the varous subject areas uþ to date. Rsks, uncertantes and false alarms whch exst have been defned n such a waý that theý can be avoded.0nce agan, Drugs and Human Lactaton þrovdes a comþrehensve gude to the content and consequences of substances n mlk. The volume wll þrovde a ratonal bass for makng theraþeutc decsons n women who seek to breast-feed.Reþroductve Immunologý on the frst edton: ...a suþerblý wrtten comþendum of relable nformaton and sensble conclusons and recommendatons.



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